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5 of the Best Brands of Gin for $10

Save Some Money in the Liquor Cabinet


There is no doubt that when you're choosing a gin for your Martinis you want to get the best available, but sometimes spending $20-30 or more a bottle doesn't fit into the budget. In those times you find yourself looking down to the bottom of the liquor shelf for a bottle that's a little more reasonable.

Below are 5 of the best value gins that you can pick up for around $10. Depending on the market, the price of these brands may vary slightly but they are readily available for around the same price. Are they Martini worthy? Not really. I prefer to keep these around for mixed drinks and cocktails with heavy mixers.

1. Gordon's London Dry Gin

Gordon's London Dry Gin
This is my go-to value gin and my personal favorite of the list. Still not a Martini gin, Gordon's makes some excellent mixed drinks. The aspect I enjoy of it the most is its strong juniper base and the essence of a variety of other herbs that mix well with almost anything. The average Gin & Tonic, Gin Sling, Gin Rickey and the like are great uses for this rather clean and inexpensive gin. For neat drinks I tend to avoid any of these with "clean" cocktails like the Martini, Emerson, Pegu Club, etc., however, in drinks with strong mixers and juices like the Monkey Gland, Honolulu, or even a Paradise, Gordon's does a pretty good job.

2. Seagram's Extra Dry Gin

Seagram's London Dry Gin
Seagram's produces a pretty good gin for the price. It doesn't have the flavor of Gordon's but still contains a juniper profile that is pleasant. For a couple extra dollars you can also pick up Seagram's Distillers Reserve, which is a little more complex. They also bottle flavored gins, including lime, apple, orange and raspberry, but I'm not fond of those at all - I like gin-gin. Seagram's original London Dry works well in a variety of mixed drinks like Gordon's and also works nicely in a Floradora, French Martini and Ginspresso Martini.

3. Burnett's London Dry Gin

Burnett's London Dry Gin
Burnett's London Dry is a sweeter gin with a lighter, airier herbal notes. It is a nice London Dry for fruit cocktails like the La Habana, English Rose and Orange Blossom and still holds up in the two-ingredient, classic gin mixed drinks like the Gin Buck and Singapore Sling.

4. Glenmore London Dry Gin

Glenmore London Dry Gin
Glenmore London Dry Gin is not one of the more popular value gins and it's one that I can't find in my market but I've seen it in many others. For a gin in the $10 range it is a nice specimen. This one has that full botanical range we expect in the spirit and that makes it a good candidate for some of the fruity mixed drinks like the Salty Dog. It's also pleasant in a Clover Club Cocktail, Angel's Delight and the classic Eddy.

5. Booth's London Dry Gin

Booth's London Dry Gin
Booth's London Dry can be found in most markets and is a decent gin. It is certainly not as flavorful as the others listed, nor a clean tasting, but it beats many of the other low priced gins. Booth's is one that you will likely want to hide in a highball and makes an excellent base for drinks like the Orange Oasis, Charmides and Long Island Iced Tea or in the rare frozen gin cocktails such as the Wedding Cake
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