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Charbay Vodkas

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Charbay Vodka

Charbay Vodka

Photo Credit: © Colleen Graham
The wonders that emerge from the stills on Spring Mountain can be tasted in every bottle of Charbay’s flavored vodkas. While the entire line of products is exceptional, a clear personal favorite is the Green Tea Vodka, as a tea connoisseur the anticipation that lead to my first taste was meek in comparison to the flavors that awaited me. You can find Charbay vodkas in stores throughout the US.

Also, check out Charbay's Green Tea and Pomegranate Aperitifs, they're two of the best ready to drink "cocktails" available.


After 13 generations of handcrafting wines and spirits the Karakasevic family continue to produce ultra-premium vodkas at the Domaine Charbay Winery & Distillery based in Napa Valley, California. True artistry can be tasted in every sip of their clear and fresh fruit flavored vodkas (no artificial additives, only real fruit). The smooth, lasting, pure flavors of the Charbay vodkas are testaments to the care, attention and quality standards that these master distillers hold themselves to.

Clear Vodka

Charbay Clear Vodka

Charbay Clear Vodka

Photo Credit: © Domaine Charbay

Before you can begin to experiment with flavors you need to have a quality base. Charbay’s Clear Vodka does the job with a fanfare that is unsurpassed in the world of spirits as we know it today, it is everything a good vodka should be. The artisans at Charbay have clearly perfected the process of turning the fine grain produced in the Midwest into a smooth, clean vodka that is enjoyable from start to finish.

Sweet waves of aroma reminiscent of the grains my grandfather used to harvest on the Dakota prairie fill the nose with a pleasant air of all-natural, wholesome honesty. A smooth, sweet beginning sets the stage for the journey which is followed by a mellow, round bodied, clean palate. The sweet grain follows through to a soft finish with an oh-so-slight, yet desirable, burn and bittersweet, long-lasting aftertaste.

Experience Charbay Clear Vodka:

  • Vodka or Dry Martini
  • Chilled or on the rocks with a lemon or orange zest
  • On the rocks with a splash of cranberry

Green Tea Vodka

The creative brainchild of Miles Karakasevic, Charbay’s Green Tea Vodka is a spectacularly innovative show of artistic distilling. After many years of research and trials, Miles perfected the flavor of this vodka using four varieties of the best tea leaves from the Anhwei Province of China. Tea from this region has been pursued since the days of China’s ancient silk route and this tradition and flavor is evident and eloquently passed on through this luxuriously spirited treat for the tastebuds.

Herbal fragrances become apparent immediately with hints of rosemary, sweet grasses and delicate teas that reflect a walk through the herb garden in full bloom. Earthy flavors greet your tongue with a clean, airy freshness that turns to a warm cinnamon-like heat that is pleasantly comfortable. The strong, full-flavors of green tea are a finish that leaves your mouth yearning for more.

Experience Charbay Green Tea Vodka:

Red Raspberry Vodka

Charbay Red Raspberry Vodka

Charbay Red Raspberry Vodka

Photo Credit: © Domaine Charbay
The Beatles may have changed the name to Raspberry Fields Forever had Charbay Red Raspberry Vodka been around at the time. After finding the freshest raspberries in the Williamette Valley of Oregon and months of extracting their sweet juices, Miles and Marko had accomplished what they set out to do and the result is this ever-so-sweet nectar.

An interesting contrast exists between the soft fragrance of fresh fruit and sweet berries that greets the nose like a gentle breeze and the strong raspberry flavors that tantalize the tongue. The surprise of the bold, true berry taste leads into a gentle, toasty burn and a lovely ripe raspberry aftertaste.

Experience Charbay Red Raspberry Vodka:

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