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SKYY Flavored Vodkas

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Ginger Sour Cocktail - SKYY Ginger Vodka

Ginger Sour

Photo Courtesy: © SKYY Ginger Vodka
SKYY Shamrock Smoothie

SKYY Shamrock Smoothie

Photo Credit: © SKYY Spirits

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The creators of SKYY vodka continue to expand the flavor options for their premium vodkas to include some interesting flavors for creating some equally interesting cocktails. SKYY has produced a variety of flavors, most recently ditching "unnatural" flavors for an "all natural" line (see page 2 for the list) of infusions. I have yet to come across a liquor store that does not include the complete line of SKYY vodkas, so they are readily available and worth keeping your favorite flavors in stock.

SKYY Ginger Vodka 

I have to say that I enjoy SKYY's flavored vodkas, some more than others, because they are great for mixing, affordable, and reliable, but until the release of SKYY Ginger none has really caught and held my attention. This has to be the best flavor the vodka producer has come up with to date (released February 2010). There is something alluring about the flavor of ginger in cocktails and this vodka hits that mark perfectly.

SKYY Ginger is nicely balanced between the spicy and the sweet, with the ginger flavor being accented by hints of baked orange and cinnamon. This is a vodka that is lures the taste buds into wanting more and more and more. If you are a fan of candied ginger you are going to love this vodka and you are going to love to mix with it.

The simplest way to enjoy SKYY Ginger is to chill the bottle and drink it straight or you can add a splash of lemon-lime soda over the vodka and ice. However, this one has so many unexplored possibilities that only time will reveal. Think of it as a higher proof, less sweet Domaine de Canton and pair it with flavors similar to those in the burgeoning Canton repertoire. This is going to be a fun vodka to play with.

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SKYY Melon Vodka

SKYY Melon is my personal favorite of this flavor line and is a taste bud's delight on the rocks. Heavy melon fragrances greet the nose with the first crack of the seal, this is a very, very sweet blend of melons as hints of watermelon, cantaloupe and muskmelon become apparent. I must caution that if you are not partial to a strong melon scent that you keep the lid sealed tight on the bottle at all times as this particular blend will make your entire house smell of melons, I prefer this effect but others did not.

Surprisingly, the taste is more on the mild side in comparison to the aroma. The sweet melon flavors are just enough to waken the senses and remind one of summer without being overbearing. I love this one as a sipper because it is so smooth, has little burn and keeps me wanting more with each empty glass.

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SKYY Berry Vodka

For a blend of berries in a vodka, SKYY Berry is a good one to have on hand although it should be mixed into a cocktail, I really cannot recommend it straight. This vodka has a light raspberry and blueberry fragrance to it that you could easily enjoy whiffs of all day long, yet the initial palate is of dark berries. SKYY Berry has a dark burn on entry that is probably enjoyable when you're in the right mood and may seem like a nice pick-me-up in the middle of a long winter but when summertime freshness is on your mind. When tasting SKYY Berry straight there is a distinct aftertaste that reminds me a lot of the children's cold medicine Mom used to feed me when I had the sniffles. However I did thoroughly enjoy this vodka when mixed up as a Gimlet which is delightfully fresh.

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SKYY Citrus Vodka

I must first do a slight disclaimer that I am not the biggest fan of citrus vodkas, so take my comments with a grain of salt if you wish. For a premium citrus vodka, I do have to say that SKYY's has to be the most tolerable for me. Initial thoughts from the aroma alone were impressive as this vodka did not have that raunchy smell that is reminiscent of Lemon Pledge (you know the spray can your mom used for dusting all through your childhood (yeah, that one) that is apparent in so many attempts at citrus flavored liquors. SKYY Citrus goes down smoothly with a light burn on both the entry and finish, although this burn is quite enjoyable and somewhat expected considering the flavors. I did find that this Citrus vodka makes a great Cosmo that has an extra zing as opposed to a clear vodka.

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