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What is Mekhong?


Mekhong Thai Liquor - The Spirit of Thailand

Mekhong Thai Liquor - The Spirit of Thailand

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Profile of Mekhong:

Mekhong is called "The Official Spirit of Thailand" and is often thought to be a style of whiskey. The amber color of this liquor is deceptive, but it is actually a combination of distilled sugar cane and molasses (rum-like) and 5% of a rice spirit at the Bangyikhan Distillery in Bangkok. Additionally, Mekhong is flavored with a mixture of native Thai herbs that is undisclosed.

The Mekhong brand was launched in 1941 and has been sold throughout Southeast Asia, and eventually the UK and Europe. In 2008 the unique spirit was launched in the United States.

Mekhong Cocktails:

Mekhong Facts:

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