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A Guide to Popular Vodka Brands

Value, Premium and Super-Premium Vodkas


Choosing the right brand of vodka can be a difficult on because cost, taste, and intended use are important factors we consider. Less expensive brands will generally be hotter and burn in the mouth, these are good for a tight budget or for cocktails with flavorful mixers like a Sex on the Beach. Premium and Super-Premium brands are going to be excellent choices for sipping and light drinks such as Vodka Martinis.

Here some popular brands of vodka...
Not all brands are listed and price points are based on an average, dependent on particular markets.

Let's Get Cheap - Vodkas Around $10

En Vacances/Flickr

Favorite Brands for a Good Price - Vodkas Around $20

Stolichnaya Russian Vodka
Photo Courtesy of © Stolichnaya

This is Where it Starts Getting Really Good - Vodkas Around $30

360 Vodka
Photo Courtesy of: © 360 Vodka

A Touch of Luxury - Vodkas Over $40

IS Vodka
Photo Courtesy of © IS Vodka
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