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Oster Quick Chilling Wine Chiller

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Oster Quick Chilling Wine Chiller

Oster Quick Chilling Wine Chiller

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The Bottom Line

Wines are best served at a certain temperature which is dependent on the style, even reds are best slightly cooler than room temperature. Getting a bottle of wine to the optimum temperature can take time and sometimes you want to cool it quicker than the refrigerator or freezer can handle. That is where the variety of wine chilling tools and appliances come in - they are designed to speed up the chilling process. One of those is the Oster Quick Chilling Wine Chiller, a rather nifty appliance that, while it's not essential, does a fine job of chilling wines rather quickly.


  • Chills white wine to the perfect temperature in about 13 minutes, red in 3-5 minutes.
  • Easy to use and little cleaning necessary.
  • Set the automatic timer for chilling the particular wine to your preference.
  • The agitator helps the ice last longer and ready for the next bottle.
  • Great for chilling spirits, beers, and other drinks as well.


  • Requires electricity and ice.


  • Oster(TM) Quick Chilling Wine Chiller
  • Produced by Sunbeam Products, Inc
  • Product #FPSTBW8451
  • Available October, 2010

Guide Review - Oster Quick Chilling Wine Chiller

The Oster Quick Chilling Wine Chiller is not for everyone and it could easily be one of those appliances that ends up under a layer of dust in the back of the cupboard. However, if you do any substantial amount of entertaining and it involves wine, this is going to get a lot of use.

The premise of this wine chiller is that one places a bottle of wine into the chiller, pack it with ice, plug it in, and set the timer. The agitator in the base keeps the ice moving and very cold. In a test, it chilled the bottle and its wine about five times faster than one packed in a cooler full of ice. Using the electric chiller also produced a more thoroughly chilled wine while the cooler chilled, for the most part, the bottle. The timer can either be set to a certain amount of time (about 13 minutes for whites and 3 minutes for reds) or to stay on until its turned off.

The operation of the chiller is very simple and after awhile I found myself adjusting the recommended times to our party's preferences, which tends to be colder. The timer is great because you can set it and get back to your guests and there is no annoying buzzer.

The ideal situation for this wine chiller is the dinner or wine party. When you have many people bringing multiple bottles of wine to share you can be chilling one wine while tasting another. The quick turn around is perfect for ensuring everyone has a glass at the right temperature. It's also great for those last minute, more intimate, dinner affairs when a guest brings a bottle as a gift. You can time it to the specific course of the meal no matter the style.

The need for electricity and ice is a bit of a nuisance, however. It limits the use of the chiller outside, though if you're on the patio near an outlet that is not going to be an issue. Storing the cord is also important to consider, but it does fit nicely inside the dried out chiller. When it comes to ice, one tub full will last long enough to chill 3-4 bottles consecutively before it melts too much to be useful. While that is rather efficient, if one is chilling many bottles it is important to have enough ice on hand or the machine is useless.

For the price, the Oster Wine Chiller is a good deal and for the wine lover who loves to entertain and share wine it will soon become invaluable. It is not an essential entertaining appliance, but wine chillers in general are a convenience more than anything else and of those I've tried, this is one of the best. I can also see this being a great housewarming, wedding, or birthday gift for the wine lover.

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