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Metrokane Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker

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Metrokane Flip Top Cocktail Shaker

Metrokane Flip Top Cocktail Shaker

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The Bottom Line

Metrokane has gone beyond their great 3-piece cocktail shakers and developed a new, two-piece shaker with a flip-top. This one is made of double wall stainless steel and features a screw on top that has a lid which flips open for straining and closed for shaking. The design concept is great and the seal nicely engineered but there are a few drawbacks as there are with most any shaker. Overall, Metrokane's Flip-Top Shaker is durable, useful and keeps its contents ice-cold.
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  • Convenient 2-piece cocktail shaker.
  • No need for an extra strainer or finding a small cap.
  • Double wall base is nice for insulation.
  • Flip-Top has a tight seal.


  • Liquids tend to stay inside the flip-top and can splash unexpectedly.
  • The diameter of the base is large and is hard for smaller hands to grip.


  • 24 oz, 2-piece, flip top cocktail shaker with double wall stainless steel base
  • Produced by Metrokane
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Retails for around $30

Guide Review - Metrokane Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker

A cocktail shaker is not just a cocktail shaker and there are hundreds available, most following one of two designs - the three piece tin, strainer and lid and the two cup Boston shaker. The Metrokane Flip-Top is truly an original and for that alone it deserves some recognition.

The qualities I enjoy about this shaker is that it's rugged and the thick insulation is great for making extra-cold cocktails. While screwing on the lid you do need to take care to ensure the threads are lined up, but they're large enough to where that isn't really an issue.

The flip-top, which is the main feature is extremely easy to use but unlike the advertising photos, you probably will not be able to flip it easily with one finger. I prefer to use the palm of my hand because it is more efficient and the force behind that opens and closes fully every time, plus this adds to the rhythm of shaking a drink...Shake, set on counter and hit that lid with your palm and strain into your glass.

I did find two drawbacks to the Flip-Top. One is that the base tin bulges towards the top and at the widest part it is a little too large for smaller hands to hold onto, especially when it begins to frost. The other issue I've found is that when you clean the lid and lay it out to dry some water can get trapped inside no matter which way you lay it down and the next time you shake, you may get a little shower. My solution has been to give the lid a firm shake with the lid flipped both ways.

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