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TailGator Blender- Blending on the Go

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TailGator Blender

TailGator Blender

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The Bottom Line

Have you ever wanted to make a Margarita in the middle of the woods? How about in the parking lot before a game? Then this blender is the answer to all of your wishes. The TailGator Blender is gas-powered so you can blend great cocktails anywhere you can carry it, no need for electricity. Beware, you may make more friends than you bargain for as the distinct chainsaw sound will attract any curious person nearby and, after they marvel at your "Big Boy Toy," they'll be begging for a drink.
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  • Margaritas and Daiquiris miles away from an outlet.
  • Well blended cocktails, as smooth as the ones you make at home.
  • Extremely efficient, plenty of gas in one tank to make more Margaritas than you can drink.
  • Great support from the manufacturer if anything breaks.
  • Carrying case that also holds two liquor bottles and doubles as a backpack.


  • It's not the quietest blender, in fact it's as loud as a chainsaw.
  • Difficult to clean beneath and around the blades.
  • Many small parts that can break easily.
  • You need to fill the gas tank before you leave or carry a can of gas with you.


  • A 10 pound blender with a 48 ounce plastic pitcher. Holds 11 ounces of fuel.
  • A 24cc Poulan 2-stroke engine with 2-1/4 Horse and variable RPM, throttle and speed control.
  • Perfectly blended drinks in less than a minute.
  • Stainless steel blades driven by a steel shaft supported with sealed ball bearing construction.
  • Optional carrying case for blender and two bottles of liquor that can be used as a backpack.

Guide Review - TailGator Blender- Blending on the Go

A friend of mine has had a TailGator for years and I have to say, this blender is amazing and comes in handy when you're away from home and craving a smooth, frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. Anyone who is active and likes to drink something other than beer when they're out will find the TailGator a great investment. You'll also find that the large pitcher will make enough drinks for 4-6 people at a time and the power behind the blender gives you smooth cocktails in less than a minute.

A small gas tank on the side of the blender holds the power needed to run the motor that sounds like a chainsaw, leaving you no way you to go unnoticed. Everything about the mechanics of the blender is based on the chainsaw model and it is easy to operate once you get the hang of it. Begin by adjusting the choke, then, while pressing the throttle trigger, pull the starter rope and you're up and running. The throttle controls the blending action and works just like a regular single-speed blender.

Overall, for the blender on the go this is the one. There are very few reports of the blenders malfunctioning outside of the normal wear from extended use that is expected of any appliance. It seems that the manufacturer is constantly updating the blender and you can easily trade in for the newest model.

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