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Waring Professional Bar 40 oz 350 Watt Blender

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Waring Professional Bar Blender

Waring Professional Bar Blender

The Bottom Line

A sleek brushed-chrome finish, easy 2-speed operation and sturdy base with a powerful motor makes this blender a top choice for equipping a home bar. The simple design and control take nothing away from the performance of the blender as it will crush ice for blended drinks with ease. Quality, function and style all come together in this wonderful package without breaking the bank.
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  • Simple 2-speed operation with the ability to crush ice at either speed.
  • Powerful 350 Watt motor.
  • A heavy base that prevents rocking.
  • Blade assembly made of stainless steel and removable for easy cleaning.
  • Classic chrome design that adds style to a home bar.


  • Limited to 2 speeds.
  • Glass carafe is heavy and cumbersome.
  • Works great for blending drinks, but is probably not a good "all-around" blender.


  • Classic waterfall base with brushed chrome surface.
  • Professionally rated 350 Watt heavy-duty motor.
  • Large 40 oz. heavy glass carafe with English and metric graduations.
  • Simple 2-speed operation.
  • Blender functions include chop, crush, puree, and whip.
  • Removable 2 oz. ingredient cap.
  • Dishwasher safe.

Guide Review - Waring Professional Bar 40 oz 350 Watt Blender

This has to be one of the best home bar blenders that I have used yet. The large capacity carafe makes it easy to make Pina Coladas, Margaritas and Daiquiris for 4-5 people in just a couple of batches and is easy to clean up with the easy to remove blades.

The blender is an excellent ice crusher, even at the low setting. I almost exclusively use this speed as it is low enough to allow me to add small amounts of ice throughout the blending cycle without spitting chunks back out, this produces smooth, chunk-free Daquiris. And unlike most blenders, you can actually carry on a conversation while mixing at this speed.

For the home bar this is definetly a great choice, however I would not use it for a general purpose kitchen blender as other models with more speed control are better for foods. Waring has a number of other models that are equally as good, but the price and simplicity this model was exactly what I was looking for in a sturdy bar blender. Plus I find myself leaving it out of the cupboard because it looks great sitting on the bar.

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