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Top Picks for Travel Bar Sets

Cocktails Away From Home


Whether you want a Manhattan during a picnic for two, a nightcap at the hotel on your next business trip, or a round of Daiquiris at your tailgating party or campsite, there is a travel bar set to fit your needs. Each of these include the most important tools for mixing up your favorite cocktails and have some storage room to carry your favorite spirits with you. These travel sets are convenient and compact so you can fit everything in one case and they make a great gift.

Cocktail Gator

Cocktail Gator
Photo Courtesy: © Cocktail Gator

The Cocktail Gator bags are a very convenient way to carry all of your bar needs to the tailgate. Bottles, cups, and all of the accessories you need to mix drinks in the parking lot can be packed in these soft-sided bags with a shoulder carrying strap. Need ice? A tub for carrying ice inside is included. A good friend of mine has a Cocktail Gator and is impressed by its convenience.

Deluxe Portable Travel Bar Set

Deluxe Portable Travel Bar Set
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

A leather case lined with velvet, this traveling bar is perfect for anyone who loves a well-made drink anywhere. Its capacity is bigger than most portable sets and holds atwo full bottles of your favorite spirits and includes all the tools you need. This includes a large, 16-ounce shaker and Hawthorne strainer, a jigger for precise pouring, cocktail napkins and a "spork" stirrer. As an extra bonus the kit has a "martini spray bottle" for misting juices, liqueurs or bitters in your favorite cocktails.

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