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Holiday Gifts for the Bartender


Buying for the home bartender can be difficult because as you look around their bar you may think they have everything they need. While most bars are already outfitted with all of the essential tools they may need some decor or maybe your mixologist would like to take their bar with them while traveling. Here are some ideas that will help you find the perfect gift to fit your bartender's individual style.

Imbibe Magazine

Imbibe Magazine
© Colleen Graham
Give a gift that gives for an entire year. A year's subscription to Imbibe magazine is a great gift for mixologists. This "adult beverage" magazine was first published in May 2006 and has been nothing but a joy to read since the first issue. Imbibe covers all adult beverages including spirits, beer, wine, coffee and tea with style. It is the most informative and entertaining magazine of it's kind and the only magazine dedicated entirely to drinks.
Other Spirited Magazines

Cocktail Shakers

Quick Strain Tin Cocktail Shakers
Photo Courtesy of: © Quick Strain Tin
Every bar needs a good cocktail shaker (or two, or three if you're like me) and each has their own style and benefits. From the standard three piece shaker to the Boston shaker or the specialty designer shakers there's one for everyone and all make great gifts.

Non-Essential Bar Tools

HomeWetBar Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher
Photo Courtesy: © PriceGrabber.com
There are those essential tools we all need to make drinks, but what about the non-essentials? You know, those handy gadgets and helpful tools that make our life a little easier and improve the quality of our drinks. From a better cup of coffee to various ice making devices, dispensers, pitchers, and trays, these are some of the things that make mixing drinks and entertaining a little more convenient.


Porthole Flask
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Once a tried and true accessory for all, the flask has become an endangered species, yet they make great small gifts. From pink or sleek for the ladies to black leather flasks or stainless steel with a cigar gift set for the guys, there's a flask that has a personal touch for any recipient that they'll love.

Portable Home Bar

Lexington Folding Bar Set
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
The ultimate gift, if you're looking for something large or even want to give yourself a gift, is a new bar. The best part about all of these bars is that they are portable and can be hidden or stored when not in use, when it's time for a party you can open up the bar (literally in some cases). One thing to note, if you're buying a bar as a gift from an online store, some of these can take a few weeks to be delivered, so plan ahead.

Citrus Squeezers or Electric Juicers

Waring Juice Extractor
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Fresh squeezed juice can make the difference between a mediocre drink and a spectacular one. There are many designs available and the choices include manual presses or electric juicers. Most are easy to use and perfect for every cocktail that calls for fruit juice.

Cocktail Books

Just Cocktails 1939 W.C. Whitfield Bartending Guide
Photo Credit: © Colleen Graham
Whether it's a bartending guide for someone who has a new interest in mixing cocktails or a detailed history of the cocktail culture that has grown over the years, a book is always a great gift. There have been many new releases over the last few years that are exciting and filled with fun stories and the older books are great for expanding a collector's library.

Spirited Gift Baskets

Gummy Worm Martini - Three Olives Mango Vodka
Photo Courtesy of: © Three Olives Vodka
If your looking for a new idea for a present that has that extra personal touch, put together your own cocktail gift basket. You can choose to include the ingredients for a few of the person's favorite drinks or introduce them to new cocktails that you enjoy. If you add some snacks, garnishes and maybe a deck of cards or a book, you'll have an excellent gift.

Travel Cocktail Set

Martini Travel Bar Set
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Cocktails on the go? Everything you need for a mini wet bar for a picnic, campout or anywhere you go is right in these easy to carry cases. There's even room for a bottle or two of your favorite spirits.

Cocktailopoly Board Game

Cocktailopoly Board Game
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Monopoly is one of the most popular games of all time and there are themed versions available for almost any interest. This one is the cocktail version and it adds a little twist of fun to a classic.

Another, less time consuming, game filled with cocktail trivia is CocktailSmarts. This new game (released in 2006) is filled with trivia questions about many of your favorite drinks.

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