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1800 Select Silver Tequila 100 Proof

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1800 Select Silver 100 Proof Tequila

1800 Select Silver 100 Proof Tequila

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The Bottom Line

Tired of all those premium tequilas weighing in at a mere 80 proof? I'm not, but for those who want a little more bang in their Margaritas 1800 Tequila released a 100 proof blanco in April of 2008. 1800 Select Silver Tequila has found a nice balance of high alcohol content and smooth, silver tequila that is impressive, mixable and a nice addition to the brand's portfolio.


  • Smooth over-proof tequila.
  • Great in almost any tequila cocktail, especially those with heavy mixers.
  • Sweetness overpowers the high proof for a drinkable experience.


  • At 100 proof, 1 or 2 drinks too many is REALLY 1 or 2 drinks too many.
  • Too high in alcohol content for a round of tequila shots in my opinion.


  • 100% blue agave, double-distilled silver tequila
  • Produced by 1800 Tequila
  • 50% alc/volume (100 proof)
  • Released April, 2008
  • Retails for around $35/750ml bottle

Guide Review - 1800 Select Silver Tequila 100 Proof

1800 Select Silver is a well-rounded silver tequila with the extra spark of a higher proof than its counterparts. The crystal tequila is distilled twice and blended with a small amount of aged tequila, which adds a smoothness that separates it from the average blanco. It is a nice change of pace for the premium tequila market and one that tequila connoisseurs should be able to appreciate for its unique qualities. However, I can also see this becoming a tequila shot that gets out of control. That higher proof is appealing for the party crowd, but one that should be respected for what it is: a potent libation. Obviously, slamming two shots of 100 proof is not the same as two shots of 80 proof and even in mixed drinks one drink too many is really one too many.

Tasting Notes:
The aroma has a tangy, intoxicating sweetness with the slightest hint of agave. A velvety entry leads to a warm palate of citrus and a sweet bouquet that find a unique balance. The heady finish reminds you of the tequila's strength while a spark of warm, sweet agave releases to an ever-lasting sweet and sour.

Enjoy 1800 Select Silver:
This tequila makes an excellent Margarita in any of its many varieties and I really like it in mixer-heavy and tall drinks. I have to recommend a Paloma, Cantarito, Dirty Bird and the like. If you're in the mood for short drinks try the Passion Cocktail, Mexi-tini or The Rhube.

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