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IXA Silver Tequila

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IXA Organic Silver Tequila

IXA Organic Silver Tequila

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The Bottom Line

There are a handful of craft spirits producers that I follow on a regular basis and anticipate each of their new ventures. The Green Bar Collective (Modern Spirits and TRU Organic Vodkas and Gin) is one of those companies and the latest endeavor for Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew is just as interesting as any of their previous bottlings. In this round the team has taken on tequila and the result is a unique, clean, white tequila unlike almost anything else on the market. IXA is without a doubt a tequila aficionados will want to check out, sip, mix, and savor.


  • Certified organic silver tequila with a rich taste.
  • Perfect for sipping straight or mixing in cocktails.
  • Refreshing, earthy taste with the finish similar to aged tequilas (without the oak).
  • A tree is planted for every bottle sold.


  • None.


  • 100% blue agave, certified organic silver tequila.
  • Produced by Green Bar Collective in Tequila, Mexico.
  • Retails for around $37-40/ 750ml bottle.
  • Released in May 2011 in limited markets, full U.S. release in July 2011.

Guide Review - IXA Silver Tequila

Certified organic tequila, unlike other distilled spirits, is still a rarity. There are only a handful of options available to the consumer who is looking for a certified organic tequila. Why that is, I can only speculate. However, of those that are available to date, I have to say that IXA is by far my favorite.

This is a silver tequila with a flavor profile that can rival many of the aged tequilas found on the market. It is both rich and clean on the palate and finishes with a tantalizing butter aspect that is rarely found in this type of the spirit. One will find it to be a pleasant sipper and a versatile mixer, and I have yet to find a tequila cocktail that is not enhanced by the use of IXA.

Following the premise of the entire Green Bar Collective, IXA Tequila gives the environmentally conscious consumer an extra reason to rejoice. The lightweight bottles are adorned with recycled labels and soy-based inks, a tree in planted in the Central American rainforests for every bottle sold, and the tequila itself is made in the most efficient, eco-friendly way possible. To back up their claims with facts, Green Bar Collective had an independent study done and was found to produce "9 lbs CO² carbon footprint" to get each bottle to the consumer, while the tree planted in that bottle's name "absorbs 1,743 lbs of CO² from the atmosphere over its lifetime."

There is one more factor that sets IXA apart, and really makes the difference in its richness; that is the process of making it. From speaking to Khosrovian over the years, I have found that he is a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to analyzing the liquors they produce (and even how they react when imbibed as he demonstrated at a Tales of the Cocktail seminar about pairing food and cocktails) down to the molecular level. It's rather fascinating to hear both him and Mathew speak about their adventures in creating their line of spirits. When it came to producing IXA, Khosrovian took the same approach at the distillery outside of Tequila, Mexico. They use only fully matured agave, grown organically, which after harvest are slow-baked in clay ovens. Then, the agave fibers themselves are fermented and distilled. This painstaking process is more tedious to perfect than fermenting the agave juice that many distillers use. Why go overboard? Well, it makes the difference in the taste of IXA and between the fibers and the clay ovens, this is where the earthy flavors are enhanced and purified in the finished tequila.

IXA Tequila is a wonderful example of really good silver tequila and what I enjoy most is that it shows off the true flavor of the agave plant in its purest form. It takes me back to tasting freshly baked agave right out of the oven on my tour of tequila country.

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