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Tanteo Tequila

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Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila

Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila

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The Bottom Line

Jalapenos and tequila seem to have a natural connection and Tanteo Tequila has released an infused tequila that proves the point. The company has also carried that subtle, organic pepper flavor to back up its other two flavored tequilas. In its Tropical tequila the spice adds a darker side to the natural extracts of mango, pineapple and guanabana and then there is the Chocolate tequila. Yes, raw cocoa meets tequila meets jalapeno for a very intriguing distilled spirit that is pleasant and very unique. Overall, Tanteo has hit a mark in quality tequila infusions that are worth a taste.


  • Rich flavors that compliment the agave of the tequila.
  • The jalapeno notes are a nice background for the chocolate and tropical flavors.
  • The spice of the jalapeno is not overbearing or overly hot.


  • Chocolate tequila has limited mixing potential for cocktails.


  • 100% agave blanco tequilas infused by hand with natural jalapeno, chocolate & tropical (mango, pineapple, guanabana) flavors.
  • Produced by Tanteo Spirits Company
  • Released in December, 2008
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
  • Retail for around $45/750ml bottle

Guide Review - Tanteo Tequila

To understand Tanteo's other flavors, one must first examine the Jalapeno tequila because you will find a milder spice based on this in the entire product line. Many would think that a jalapeno infused tequila would be very spicy, like a 5-alarm burrito, but Tanteo has done an excellent job of crafting a well-balanced pepper and agave flavor. The blanco stage sets a smoothness that may be found in aged tequilas and this allows the jalapeno flavor to be softened by its delicate sweetness. In the palate the heat is mild, small snaps of pepper fill the mouth and the finish has a nice, quick pepper that leaves you wanting another sip. The best part is that you get the pepper without having to douse your tongue with water. Cocktails? Start out with a Twice Spice Daily or Tequini.

Things get very interesting when tasting Tanteo Tropical because the fruit element comes in and complicates the whole spirit. In this infusion the distillers have built on that sweet and spicy background established in Tanteo Jalapeno, backed off the pepper a bit and added pineapple, mango and guanabana. There is so much going on and all elements are handled nicely and evenly. Of the three tequilas, this is possibly the most mixable and can find a place in fruit cocktails like The Iguana or Margarita.

How does the chocolate and jalapeno work in tequila? Tanteo Chocolate is not bad, although not my favorite of the line and one that I would probably not seek out on a regular basis. The way the three flavors are handled is nice, there is balance and you can tell that it took a great deal of experimentation to get it to work. It is nothing less than intriguing to taste the rich cocoa then find a touch of spice behind it. For the right person and the right drink, this tequila may become a favorite. Tanteo's Black Sombrero cocktail is a rather nice use for this flavor.

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