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Quick Toasting Tips

Some basic rules of etiquette to follow when toasting


Quick Toasting Tips
Whether you're on the giving or receiving end of a toast or you're just a guest at the party, there are a few basic rules of etiquette that a will help you avoid most social mishaps.
  • The first toast should be made by the host.
  • The person receiving the toast should remain seated and should not drink to the toast.
  • When the guest of honor is being toasted, they stand when the toast is finished and thank the one who gave the toast.
  • When giving a toast you should stand and speak slow enough and loud enough for all guests to hear.
  • Prepare ahead of time; you should know what you are going to say and avoid being long-winded.
  • Mention those being toasted by name, your relationship to them, and a thought about this wonderful event.
  • Add witty anecdotes wherever possible, if they are in good taste.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol before giving a toast.
  • Don't forget to cap off the toast with a hearty ending like "Cheers!"
  • Other guests should always take part in a toast using whatever glass is handy, even if it is just an empty water glass.

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