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Great Holiday Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

8 great gifts for the whiskey connosieur in your life


Imbibe Magazine

Imbibe Magazine

Photo Credit: © Colleen Graham

Are you looking for that something special for the whiskey aficionado in your life and don't know what to get them? Having trouble deciding between their favorite Irish whiskey, bourbon or single malt scotch? Perhaps this year you should consider something different.Here are some great gift ideas for any whiskey lover this holiday season.

  • Malt Advocate magazine is perhaps the finest whiskey focused publication in North America. Featuring in depth coverage of distilleries, new whiskey releases and whiskey history, at $18 a year ($24 in Canada), this is a gift sure to please for the entire year.

  • A membership to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America, while pricey at $199 includes a bottle of one of the society's private bottlings, a subscription to their newsletter, a quarterly magazine, and access to the SMWS properties (including private dining rooms and lodging) in London and Scotland.

  • A nice set of whiskey glasses are always appreciated by connoisseurs. A well designed whiskey glass provides the same benefits as a good wine glass, allowing the spirit's bouquet to shine and placing the spirit on the optimal portion of the palate when sipped. Riedel (Compare Prices) and Glencairn are two favorites.

  • For the musically inclined, one of country music's hottest bands, Whiskey Dawn, offers up a bourbon soaked riot of good times on their debut CD, "Dear Nashville". At $12, it's a steal and makes a perfect soundtrack for late night poker games, barbecues or just sitting with friends enjoying a nice bourbon.

  • Imbibe magazine covers all things liquid, from tea and coffee to bourbon and cognac. Recent articles have included master mixologist Jamie Boudreau writing about a trip to bourbon country and contributing editor Paul Clarke's take on modern moonshine.

  • Ulf Buxrud's new book, "Japanese Whisky" is the finest book ever written on the subject. A fascinating look at all things whisky in Japan, this is a gift that will be treasured by any fan of Japanese whiskies.
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  • "World Whiskey", edited by the venerable Charles MacLean is a worthy addition to any whiskey lovers bookshelf. Filled with valuable information and photographs of whiskies from around the world, this book will broaden any whiskey lovers horizons.
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  • Lastly, for the mixologist on your holiday shopping list, Chilled magazine will keep you up to date on the latest cocktail trends, techniques and hot spots. Additionally, Chilled occasionally focuses an entire issue on one spirit, providing a unique insight into not only the history and background of that spirit, but also the hottest cocktails. A must have for any professional or amateur bartender.
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