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Spirited Magazine Directory

Cocktail, Liquor and Bartending Magazines


While there is the occasional cocktail recipe or chic liqueur in the buying guides of popular magazines there are very few monthly and bi-monthly periodicals dedicated to the art of fine drinking, specifically distilled spirits and cocktails. Here are a few magazine recommendations for the pursuer of mixology.

If you know of another great spirited magazine, tell me about it.

Imbibe Magazine

Imbibe Magazine
  • Published: 6 issues/year
  • Topic: "Liquid Culture"
The newest gem to the magazine racks as far as adult beverages are concerned, Imbibe is a must for anyone who enjoys the modern art of fine drinking. Every issue is filled with stories about cocktails, distilled spirits, wine, beer, coffee and tea.

Chilled Margazine

  • Published: 6 times/year
  • Topic: Bartending
Chilled is one of the newer magazines that is designed for the entertaining and educating bartenders of all styles. Features include spirit profiles, new cocktails by "everyday" professionals and profiles of hot bartenders. Chilled is simply full of fun and drinks.

Whisky Magazine

  • Published: 8 issues/year
  • Topic: Whisky
Whisky Magazine is all about that: whisky, or whiskey. Each issue gets in depth on the industry with reviews, profiles and issues affecting distilleries. Throughout the issues are basic techniques, tips and terms for selecting, tasting and understanding the world of whisky.

Malt Advocate

  • Published: 4 issues/year
  • Topic: Whisky and Beer
For the whiskey connoisseur this is a great quarterly magazine. Contributing writers include big names in the world of adult beverages and features about whiskey, reviews and everything you want to know about the finer malts is included. Oh yeah, the magazine covers beer also.
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