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Absolut Boston Vodka

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Absolut Boston Vodka

Absolut Boston Vodka

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The Bottom Line

The iconic vodka company we all know as Absolut has taken another bold leap and it is a bold one. If you have a taste of their third "city" vodka you will not forget the experience, that is the one guarantee. However, I will not guarantee that you will like the flavor of Absolut Boston - I had mixed reviews on it and found that you will either fall in love or despise the black tea it is infused with. This bottling does not have the sweet citrus that offset the pepper of their New Orleans, nor is it subtly delicious like the Los Angeles. Yet, Boston has fantastic cocktail potential when mixed properly.


  • If you like black tea this is a vodka for you.
  • There is some potential for excellent cocktails.
  • Proceeds from sales go to a great environmental cause in the city of Boston.
  • Tea time has another Martini (Boston Tea Party Martini below)!


  • If you do not like (black) tea, this is not for you.
  • The elderflower gets lost against the tea.
  • The strong tea does limit cocktails.
  • Available for a limited time.


  • Absolut Vodka infused with black tea and elderflower.
  • Third release in Absolut's city vodkas, inspired by American cities.
  • Sale proceeds are donated to the Charles River Conservatory.
  • Produced by Absolut Spirits Co.
  • Released in August, 2009
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
  • Retails for $24.99/1 liter bottle

Guide Review - Absolut Boston Vodka

Absolut Boston is infused with black tea and elderflower with the black tea at the forefront of the infusion. This Boston Tea Party influence is the most noticeable aspect and is a fitting commemoration for the city. As with all of the Absolut's "city" vodkas, the proceeds for the sales, massing $50,000, will be donated to a local charity, which in this case is Charles River Conservancy to improve Boston's urban riverbanks. Also, the bottle design seems a little simple for the brand, but is reflects the most famous left field wall in baseball so there's a fun twist for Red Sox fans.

The taste of the vodka itself is one that takes some getting used to. If you love to sit down with a piping hot cup of black tea you will love Absolut Boston and how it captures those interesting flavors when poured over a touch of ice. However, the aroma of this vodka is very pungent - I am getting strong waves as it sits across my desk - and for those who are put off by such a powerful smell and the dark taste of the tea, this could be too much and stop your from trying it out. The reviews at a tasting I had were mixed and it was clearly divided between the tea lovers and haters. I prefer lighter teas and this black tea is just a little too much for my taste.

That said, there is always (hopefully) potential when it comes to cocktails and there are a few that are here to save the day. Absolut Boston's signatures, the Boston Tea Party Martini and Homerun, do a great job of balancing the tea, although I do have some question about a Mojito using Boston as they suggested. The key to mixing with this is to balance out the tea with sweets and sours and I have been playing with a combination of Boston with Fruit Lab's new Theia hibiscus liqueur, which brings out the elderflower just a little more.

The best Absolut vodka yet? No, but it's interesting for acquired tastes.

User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
This is not a liqueur, Member oasisdome

I like infused vodkas because they are not sweet liqueurs. Prior to tasting, I did not know what flavorings were used in this vodka and I was pleasantly surprised with the black tea followed by the elderberry. Then it hit me ""Boston Tea Party"" and my husband, the sports fan, said the green is the exact color of the ""Green Monster"". Clever! This isn't iced tea. I drank this chilled over ice, very nice. I also think a nice squeeze of lemon with a bit of simple syrup topped with lemon sparkling water will be the perfect summer drink.

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