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Absolut New Orleans Vodka

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Absolut New Orleans Vodka

Absolut New Orleans Vodka

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The Bottom Line

There was a lot of hype surrounding the release of Absolut New Orleans and that always makes me wonder if the product's worth it, especially coming from an advertising guru company like Absolut. However, this first in the series of city-inspired vodkas is worth every sip. Not only is the New Orleans vodka, with it's infusion blend of mango and black pepper, one of the best infused vodkas available, it's also a feel good purchase because Absolut is donating 100% of it's profits to Gulf Coast charities. But you have to check it out fast because it's a limited edition and when it's gone, it's gone.


  • Great combination of spice and fruit.
  • A nice change of pace from single ingredient infusions.
  • A vodka for gin lovers.
  • 100% of profits go to five New Orleans charities.


  • Limited availability (only 35,000 cases produced).


  • Absolut Vodka infused with black pepper and mango.
  • The first in a series of vodkas inspired by American cities.
  • Imported by Absolut Spirits Co.
  • Released in 2007.
  • Retails for around $22/ 750ml bottle.
  • 40% alc/vol (80 proof)A

Guide Review - Absolut New Orleans Vodka

Absolut New Orleans vodka is simply one of the best infusions I've had in a long time. The mango and spicy black pepper is balanced to perfection and the richness of the flavors rival most gins on the market. For the classic martini lover who has shunned bland or fruity vodka, New Orleans is one not to miss and if you're a vodka connoisseur, this is one to mark in the books. It's just a shame that it will be gone sooner than we'd like.

The cocktails in which Absolut New Orleans shines are varied and numerous. It is spectacular in a Martini and makes a fabulous Moscow Mule, Vodka Tonic, Damiana Golden and French 76. Lately I've been opting for the Bloody Maria over the Bloody Mary because of a lack of punch from normal vodkas, but this New Orleans vodka put the spice back in my Mary. It's versatile, yes, but this vodka doesn't work in every vodka drink. The spice doesn't pair well with creamy drinks (although I have heard of a Milk Punch that may be good, but I haven't had it myself) or in some of the classic fruit mixed drinks (Cape Cod, Bay Breeze, etc.). Almost any drink with herbs is going to showcase the vodka wonderfully as well.

Cocktails from Absolut New Orleans:

Tasting Notes:
The nose of Absolut New Orleans is very fragrant, filled with sweet mango, tangerine and rose. This vodka has a spicy entry that leads to an intriguingly complex palate filled with small bursts of spice making appearances through the velvety, steady fruit undertones. There's strong black pepper at the back that warms the throat and cools into a mellow fruit syrup with repeated snaps of spice on the tongue that last for quite a while.

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