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Cherub's Cup

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Cherub Cup Cocktail - St. Germain Liqueur

Cherub's Cup

Photo Courtesy: © St. Germain Liqueur
The Cherub's Cup is truly a cocktail of angelic proportion and can very easily become a new favorite for just about anyone. This drink is both sweet and dry, with a tinge of flavors that are both intriguing and refreshing and it is ideal for any romantic celebration.

The use of St. Germain is a must in the drink, and while the options for the other spirit are nice to plant the seed of customization, I would have to suggest going with Hendrick's Gin. The cucumber and rose of this particular gin is oh-so delightful with the elderflower and strawberry and an ideal match for the dry sparkling wine.

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Total Time: 2 minutes



  1. Shake and strain over fresh rocks in a collins glass.
  2. Top with Brut Rose or Brut Champagne.
  3. Garnish with a strawberry.
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 5 out of 5
Great Drink! Perfect Summer or Romantic Cocktail!, Member Shoshaunna

I was looking for a cocktail for our annual girls ""Non-Valentine Party"" & tried this before the party - it is absolutely delicious! We are all big fans of Hendricks Gin & have been looking for ways to incorporate in new drinks! This is a delightful, fruity drink with a gorgeous pink color and a hint of strawberry due to muddling of the berries. The pairing of unique flavors that Hendricks Gin has (essensce of rose and cucumber and light on juniper) with the elder flowers in the St. Germain gives it the fresh summertime essence. You really don't need to add the simple syrup unless you like your drinks a little sweeter - it's sweet enough by itself, but if you do add the simple syrup - just be warned - these drinks pack a punch - and do not taste alcoholic, they're the deceiptively sweet with the simple syrup but the powerful kind - and if you have more than 2, you'll find yourself way tipsy before you know it if you don't know your limits! Overall, it is a delightful drink, and I can see this drink becomming a romantic favorite for couples who get engaged, share an anniversary or just a romantic evening! It's a very chic cocktail as well! I can see Carrie from ""Sex in the City"" drinking this! Enjoy and feel the love - but watch out - you may feel the sting of cupid's arrow if you have too many! :o)

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