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Lotus Vodka

Lotus Vodka

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White Lotus Vodka

White Lotus Vodka

Photo Courtesy of © Lotus Vodka
Lotus Vodka is referred to as "enhanced" because of a "proprietary blend of vodka and special ingredients." What those are is obviously a secret, but they do make a fantastic vodka; two to be exact. Lotus comes in two varieties: White Lotus is the "original" blend with warm, fruity notes and Blue Lotus has a kick of caffeine that seems so popular in vodkas as of late. The brand is designed around social and environment consciousness with portions of sales going to mostly San Fransisco area charities. As the symbolism of the lotus logo suggests, it is an all-around feel good vodka.

White Lotus

The White is clearly my favorite but it technically cannot be called a "clear" vodka because of the secrets that lie inside. From what I've been able to pick up the flavors include pomegranate, acai and Vitamin B (which is suggested to be have "no-hangover" benefits, although Lotus will not tout or attest to that). Yet, even though it does have some flavor to it, those profiles are so delicate that it's delightful and more like a clear than an infused vodka.

Lotus is a fine mixing vodka and because it has the natural base it's best to build that up with mixers of equal quality and purity. If you choose fruits, juice your own; with liqueurs, go higher up the shelf; and sweeteners, homemade is best. I wish I had more Lotus on hand but each of the drinks I tried with it were spectacular and I can highly recommend the Flirtini, Damiana Golden, Ginger Martini and Harrington. It is in vodka cocktails with a balance of fruits and herbs, sweet and dry, where White Lotus shines. If you're in the no-mixing mood this is also a lovely chilled, straight sipping vodka.

Tasting Notes:
A warm and inviting aroma of subtle citrus and herbs opens the White Lotus experience. This leads to a silky, semi-dry vodka with clean, rich and warm flavors that mimic the fragrance. Finishes soft and quick, warm and lively.

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus Vodka

Blue Lotus Vodka

Photo Courtesy of © Blue Lotus
You might say that Blue Lotus is the "enhanced" bottling of this "enhanced" brand as it follows a trend in the vodka market by adding the energy taurine, guarana and caffeine to the mix. While I found the White to be considerably smoother and tastier, Blue Lotus certainly holds a brighter profile. That could be effects from its extras, which noticeably widen your eyes, but that makes it no less drinkable. This is one of the stellar caffeinated vodkas on the market that balances that aspect with flavor.

When mixing with Blue Lotus, the same advice I gave for the White applies - keep it natural - however I do prefer it in taller drinks. The luscious Firefly, refreshing Harvey Wallbanger and sweetly tropical Hollywood are perfect candidates.

Blue Lotus Vodka has a soft and sweet fruit aroma leading to a bright, slightly dry palate with herbal undertones. Finishes with a distinct, stimulating, citrus punch that dissipates quickly.

Lotus Facts

  • All-natural ingredients including pomegranate, acai and Vitamin B
  • Blue Lotus also contains taurine, guarana and caffeine
  • Founded by Rob Bailey
  • Released in 2007
  • 40% alc/vol (80 proof)
  • Produced by Delicious Brands for Lotus Vodka of San Fransisco, California
  • Retails for around $30/750ml bottle
  • Visit their website
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