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Absolut Mango Vodka

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Absolut Mango Vodka

Absolut Mango Vodka

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The Bottom Line

In March of 2009 Absolut Vodka released its tenth flavored vodka to the United States market. Prior to this the mango-infused vodka has been available in some South American markets where the company claims it had great success due to the use of the fruit in Latin cuisine. The release of Absolut Mango is timely, as mango has seen its way into more and more cocktails as of late and the vodka is a nice use of the flavor.


  • Sweet mango flavor backed by Absolut-quality vodka.
  • Sublime ingredient for creating new tropical cocktails.
  • Pair it with peppers for a great mango and spice flavor.


  • On its own it is slightly too tart - mix it.


  • Swedish Vodka infused with mango. All natural ingredients, no added sugar or preservatives.
  • Imported by Absolut Spirits Co.
  • United States Release: March 2009
  • Retails for around $20/750ml bottle
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)

Guide Review - Absolut Mango Vodka

Absolut Mango is exactly what I expected. It's smooth, full of fruit and a great cocktail base - a typical Absolut infused vodka. The choice of mango is nice and is one that only the other giants of vodka have taken on, which is great for all of us who love to play with infusions because we can rest assured that mango will almost certainly always be available. From memory, the Absolut Mango experience was similar to that of other mangos. It's a nice flavor and is rising in popularity, plus, this is an easy way to get some mango in your drinks when the fresh fruits are out of season.

Mango is a flavor that hasn't been common in cocktails prior to recent years and this is refreshing because it requires a whole new thinking on flavor profiles. This vodka is fantastic for bringing some tropical flavors to the apple of a Apple Martini and the melon of aGreentini and the creative side could pair it with banana, citrus, and even vanilla and caramel. It is in cocktails where Absolut Mango shines - alone it's nothing spectacular - and the drinks from its launch like the Sage Lady and Mango Spice are great examples of its possibilities.

I am wholly impressed with it when matched with spice in particular. That may be due to my desire for more Absolut New Orleans, which paired mango and pepper, and sparks an idea of a cocktail that includes both Mango and Peppar in some fashion (I'll be sure to pass that along if anything comes out of it).

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
This is the Best One I've Tried, Member boolet62

I was really excited when this appeared on the shelves at the liquor stores, and I wasn't disappointed at all!! I find there is a taste explosion and it is a true mango flavor. It is delicious and thoroughly refreshing when mixed with tonic and a wedge of lime. My experience was that this vodka was VERY delicious on the rocks. Put the bottle in the freezer and try some from a shot glass, you will be swept away by the power of the mango....and NO burn. On a very hot day mixed with a good quality well diluted lemonade and add lots of ice for a breezy Sunday. A welcome treat for us who live in the Northern climes. Everyone I have made a drink for has loved it!

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