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Emperor Vodka

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Emperor Vodka

Emperor Vodka

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The Bottom Line

The label on the bottle of Emperor Vodka reads "Ultra Premium Connoisseurs Vodka," which is more than a marketing statement, it is the truth. The vodka is distilled six times from select grain, then charcoal filtered and finished with spring water from the Cognac region of France. It is quite simply impressive and one of the best available for around $30. Vodka connoisseurs who want that everyday sipper or mixer should consider Emperor because it is a fine example of what grain vodka should be. It is impressive from beginning to end.


  • Super smooth, clean vodka.
  • Great chilled or on the rocks.


  • Limited availability.


  • Vodka distilled from pure grain, charcoal filtered and distilled 6 times.
  • Imported from France by Emperor Brands LLC
  • 40% alc/vol. (80 proof)
  • Retails for around $30/750 ml bottle
  • Released in May, 2007

Guide Review - Emperor Vodka

Those who enjoy vodka at its finest and can sit down with a chilled glass to sip, enjoy and savor the nuances of the spirit are really going to enjoy Emperor. The tastes of fine grains (selected from those grown in the north of France) are not distilled or filtered away, but left for your enjoyment and lead the experience with an undertone of grassy notes. It is a nice change of pace from the "flavorless" and transparent premium vodkas that dot the liquor cabinet landscape - there's something there to make you feel like you are actually drinking.

I found Emperor to be spectacular on its own, but chilling is necessary. Start with chilling the bottle and the glass, then combine the two and, if you want to get a little "crazy," add a couple dashes each of aromatic and orange bitters. If you're looking for a premium base for vodka cocktails, Emperor is also a great candidate, although I wouldn't hide it behind heavily flavored mixers. Instead go with lighter drinks in which the vodka can really shine such as a Vodka Martini, Campari Cocktail, April Rain or Vesper Martini.

Tasting Notes:
Emperor's nose is nice and clean with the aroma of fresh cut grain and the slightest hint of citrus. A smooth entry leads to a warm and luscious palate filled with those grassy and wheat notes, which follow through to the robust, clean and short finish.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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