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Imperial Exclusive Vodka

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Imperial Exclusive Vodka - Emperor Brands Premium Vodka

Imperial Exclusive Vodka

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The Bottom Line

Imperial Exclusive Vodka is an impressive spirit for its price. It is produced in France from rectified grain which is distilled five times and combined with spring water from Normandy. Despite being at the bottom of Emperor Brands' hierarchy of vodkas, Imperial is better than most vodkas of equal value. It is only sold in 1 liter bottles but at $30 it is well worth having a little extra in stock for the everyday vodka cocktails and if you want to sip it straight, you'll find it surprisingly pleasant.


  • Economically priced premium vodka great for the everyday drink.
  • Smooth vodka with distinct notes of flavor.
  • Rivals popular brands like Absolut and outshines the similarly priced Smirnoff.


  • Only available in 1 liter bottle.
  • Limited availability.


  • Grain vodka distilled five times in France
  • Imported by Emperor Brands
  • Retails for $30/liter
  • 40% alc/vol (80 proof)
  • Released in 2007

Guide Review - Imperial Exclusive Vodka

Vodkas are all about comparison, especially when we're talking about one of the newer, lesser known brands such as Imperial. People want to know which of the other, more familiar vodkas it is like and in this case there are many comparisons to be made. Among the other vodkas produced by the company like Emperor, Winter Palace and Versailles, Imperial is clearly the cheaper bottling but that doesn't mean that it isn't good - it's just not as good as the super-premiums, which is natural.

The best vodka to reference Imperial to is Absolut. They are both in the same price range, both have that bite in the finish that many vodka drinkers are used to and both have some flavor notes to them. However, side-by-side Imperial comes out on top. It is considerably smoother with comforting waves of butter and caramel that you might expect to find in the pricier vodkas. If you like Absolut but are looking for a change, Imperial would be my recommendation and even though it is harder to find than a bottle of the vodka giant, it is worth every second of the hunt.

Tasting Notes:
Very fresh, clean nose with buttery tones. Luscious and silky palate that is warm and filled with underlying caramel and butter notes. A rich, clean finish that is short but has a little bite.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Tried it 5 months ago and cannot find it, Member ukfan87

I was at a resturant downtown lexington 8 months ago drinking a grey goose martini and I am guessing a salesman for this vodka came in. He told me I had to try it if I liked Grey goose. So I said what the heck why turn down a free shot. I swear this was the smoothest best tasting vodka I have ever tried. I couldent even finsh my grey goose it tasted soo discusting after that. Ever since then I havent seen that vodka but I wont stop looking on the shelves for it!!!!

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