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ÍS Vodka

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IS Vodka

IS Vodka

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The Bottom Line

ÍS Vodka (pronounced "ice" vodka) is a very smooth and clean spirit which made its United States debut late in 2008. This vodka is made using Icelandic water and is distilled seven times from "non-genetically modified" European wheat. For an elegant base to your favorite vodka cocktails or as a well-chilled sipper, IS is a great choice but you may have some difficulty finding it as the initial release is only in the California and Nevada markets. However, I am told that plans for a larger release are in the works.


  • Very smooth, clean vodka.
  • Creates spectacular vodka cocktails.
  • A $40 vodka that tastes like a $60 vodka.
  • Elegant bottle worth showing off.


  • Limited availability - at least initially.


  • Vodka distilled 7 times from grain in England and made with Icelandic spring water.
  • Master Distiller Peter McKay
  • Imported by Viking Glacier Spirit, Inc., Austin, Texas
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
  • Retails for $39.95/750ml bottle
  • U.S. release in September 2008

Guide Review - ÍS Vodka

IS Vodka is like many of its counterparts with the ultra-premium label and it is following the trend of utilizing the untainted waters of Iceland. In every case so far, that Icelandic glacial water makes a great spirit as long as it is not muddled up with lower quality ingredients and IS is one of those vodkas that took the extra steps to ensure only the best goes into their vodka and it shows.

European wheat is the base for the vodka and with seven trips through the still, much of the taste is gone. This leaves the vodka very watery but also very smooth and there is no "vodka bite" whatsoever. IS is a stunning vodka and makes a beautiful, relaxing sipper (although I prefer to flavor it with orange bitters) and begs to be mixed with other high quality mixers in any vodka cocktail of your choice.

The bottle IS comes in is beautifully designed and one that you'll want to show off in the bar. It is tall and elegant with "icicles" flowing down the side, a heavy nickle-plated cap hiding a synthetic cork and a mythical, golden angel of Iceland on the face.

Tasting Notes:
ÍS Vodka has a very clean, watery fragrance that is reflected in the warm palate. The taste is considerably transparent but holds the slightest notes of burnt orange and silky, smooth herbs. The finish is stunning, with just a touch of spice and a quick fade.

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
Smoothest Vodka Ever, Member zkre83

I'm normally a whisky drinker so I like abit of bite, but when I tasted this vodka I fell in love, I have taste tested it blindly with my friends against other top brands and we always choose Is as the better of two, its a great vodka in a shot, a sipper or a cocktail, so smooth. Its a perfect buzz, and the seven distillations is worth it, try 3 times distilled vodka next to this and the difference is apparent.

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