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Jett Vodka

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Jett Caffeinated Vodka

Jett Caffeinated Vodka

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The Bottom Line

The energy vodka craze continues with the release of Jett Vodka. This one is certainly the smoothest I've had yet of all the new candidates and it's "caffeinated" with three natural ingredients: caffeine, guarana and ginseng. Put those energizing ingredients against a French grain background and you have a rather pleasant vodka, although not the nightcap type. If Vodka Red Bulls are your style you'll find Jett a great vodka that can create the same vigor in any vodka cocktail.

Note: As of December 2012, I am unable to find information on Jett Vodka. This indicates that it may no longer be produced. If you know different, please contact me.


  • A very smooth caffeinated vodka, one of the smoothest yet.
  • Great for energizing any of your favorite vodka cocktails.


  • Not a vodka to drink if you want to sleep anytime soon.
  • I don't recommend mixing Jett with energy drinks - too much caffeine.


  • Vodka distilled 5 times from 100% French grain, filtered 3 times and infused with caffeine, guarana and ginseng.
  • Produced in France by Jett Spirits, LLC - Los Angeles, CA
  • Imported by Bambu Imports, LLC - New York City, NY
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
  • Retails for around $30/750ml bottle

Guide Review - Jett Vodka

The debate over stimulants and alcohol has been going on for some time but that has not stopped companies like Jett because consumers are demanding it. For the party goer who wants a little boost in any drink you're in the mood for, Jett is perfect and my favorite so far of the energizing, clear vodkas because it is exceptionally smooth and replicates an un-infused vodka's pure flavor. The quality of the French grain can be tasted inside every luxurious sip and overall it is a great vodka for the price.

One issue I have, because I'm not entirely fond of the energy alcohol fad, is a drink that the company is promoting, the Jett Fuel - a Jett vodka and energy drink mix. This seems like a little much on the caffeine end because, even straight, Jett has its own significant jolt and if you were to add something like one of the energy drinks (which could have as much caffeine as 11 cans of cola), it could be dangerous. Save drinks like the Vodka Red Bull for non-caffeinated vodka. However, if you want a charged Apple Martini, Vodka Collins, Cape Codder or any other non-energy drink laden cocktail, Jett is a nice addition.

Tasting Notes:
The fragrance of Jett Vodka is very floral, sweetly dry and holds hints of fresh rose, lavender, ginseng and ginger. The entry is very warm and watery and turns into a herbaceous and earthy, slightly bitter palate. Jett finishes with a soothingly warm bite that fades into a slick, smooth silkiness with a bitter-dry after taste that needs to be washed down and it carries a significant caffeinated rush similar to a sip of black coffee.

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