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Oval Vodka

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Oval Vodka

Oval Vodka

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The Bottom Line

Oval Vodka was released to the United States market in July of 2007 with the tag "Vodka's Natural Evolution." What makes this premium vodka so unique? A "structuring" process that surrounds the spirit with water, leaving the drinker with an ultra-smooth, ultra-clean beginning and end that is amazingly unvodka-like. While many traditional vodka connoisseurs may find this aspect undesirable, others who are looking for the smoothest, most non-alcohol tasting vodkas will really enjoy the experience.


  • Super smooth, clean vodka.
  • Great in cocktails, straight or on the rocks.


  • Tastes like water, easy to over indulge.
  • Vodka drinkers may not like the lack of vodka taste.


  • Multiple distilled, grain, Austrian vodka with proprietary "structuring" process.
  • Imported by Oval America from Austria
  • 42% alc/volume (84 proof)
  • Retails for around $36.99/750 ml bottle
  • Bottle design won top award at 2007 Vodka Festival.

Guide Review - Oval Vodka

If you have tasted a lot of vodkas straight, you're familiar with the bite of the spirit in the entry and especially in the finish. Many of the most expensive brands even have this characteristic, although they may be dulled down considerably. This is the main difference between Oval Vodka and the majority. The company's "structuring" process takes out that bite and replaces it with clean water. The result is 30 years of work from homeopathic scientist Professor Valery Sorokin. His patented 11-day process envelopes the vodka with water and gives this vodka it's truly unique character and also determines that the spirit is bottled at 84 proof rather than the customary 80 proof.

I found Oval to be a unique and intriguing vodka that definitely has a niche. For consumers who enjoy a spirited drink but who do not enjoy any harshness, this would be a great choice and may even get a few to not mix it, but to sip it straight. That's not to say that it is not an excellent base liquor for cocktails, because it is. I prefer it in "clean" cocktails: your Vodka Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Flirtinis, April Rains, Mango Tonics and the like. Drinks like this allow the vodka to shine.

Tasting Notes:
Oval Vodka's entry is like silky water and it leads to a relatively clean palate with hints of fresh grain and soft herbs. The finish is uniquely refreshing, again encapsulated by water, leaving the drinker with almost no feeling that one just drank vodka.

Oval Cocktails:

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