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1.0.1 Iced Vodka

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1.0.1 Ultra Premium Vodka

1.0.1 Ultra Premium Vodka

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The Bottom Line

1.0.1 Iced Vodka has an interesting name and if you're asking for it you'll want to say "One-O-One" - just like your freshman courses. This is a Californian, grain vodka that was released back in 2006 but has undergone some enhancements since and the recent re-release (2008) is making quite a splash. Not only is 1.0.1 Vodka one of those clean vodkas that doesn't hide its "vodka-ness," it is also touted for being a hangover-free spirit. That makes it a win-win on all fronts for the choosy vodka drink.


  • Reported to be a "no hangover" vodka.
  • Crisp, clean vodka - fantastic chilled or mixed.


  • Currently has limited availability.


  • Californian vodka distilled from grain.
  • Bottled by Bear and Eagle Products, Santa Ana, California
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
  • Retails for around $24/750ml bottle
  • Original release: May 2006
  • Gold Medal Award and 90 point rating at the Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago

Guide Review - 1.0.1 Iced Vodka

1.0.1 Vodka is quite simply one of the best vodkas you can get for around $20. It has all of the qualities of a well-designed vodka: a bit of flavor, a desirable bite, a clean, smooth palate, a crisp finish, and a lack of alcohol smell. This is one that is comparable to Grey Goose and Ketel One and far smoother than Skyy and Smirnoff and for the mid-range vodka that's very good. The shame is that 1.0.1 Vodka is not as readily available as the others, although I'm told it is supposed to reach more markets soon.

Vodka cocktails of all kinds are ideal for the flavors of 1.0.1 Vodka and it really shines in clear mixes like the Vodka Tonic and Vodka Collins. It is also a delightful, well-chilled sipper and if you sip just a little too much I'm assured you won't wake up with a hangover. Since I'm typically not prone to the morning after blues I'm trusting others on this aspect and according to a discussion going on in the forum lately, 1.0.1's tag as "The No Hangover Vodka" seems pretty accurate. Score 3 points for 1.0.1 for quality, price and hangover-free.

Tasting Notes:
1.0.1 has a very clean, grainy fragrance that leads to a silky entry and a warm palate enriched with grains. There's an alcohol spice in the warm finish that is slightly bitter and considerably long. Overall it is a nice, warm vodka with a pinch of the "vodka bite" that is neither too strong or too light and that full-grain profile rounds out the body for a nice touch.

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