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ZYR Russian Vodka

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Zyr Russian Vodka

Zyr Russian Vodka

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The Bottom Line

Zyr vodka is a Russian, grain-based vodka that is one of the smoothest, finely crafted spirits I've had and it is one that vodka connoisseurs can appreciate to the fullest. This vodka has a well-defined theory behind it, one that obviously works, and it's based on a 9-5-3 formula. Nine filtrations, five distillations and three tastings ensure consistent, pure quality in every bottle. The formula seems to work and the result is an impressive vodka worthy of drinking anyway you like.


  • Ultra-smooth grain vodka, simply a fine example.
  • Neat, straight, chilled, mixed - it's great anyway you take it.


  • Limited availability in stores, but is available online.


  • Wheat and rye based Russian vodka
  • Distilled 5 times, filtered 9 times
  • Imported by Symphony Importers, Manhasset, New York
  • 40% alc/vol (80 proof)
  • Retails for around $33/750ml bottle
  • Released in 2003

Guide Review - ZYR Russian Vodka

Winter wheat and rye grown near Moscow, Russia form the background of Zyr and give it a very earthy nuance. The fermented grains are distilled five times then combined with water, which has already gone through five filtrations. Once the distillate and water are married the vodka takes four more trips through a variety of filters to remove all of the impurities. The last step in producing Zyr is a rigorous, three-stage tasting process just to make sure that everything tastes as it should before it is bottled.

Zyr is versatile enough to drink however one chooses. The bottle recommends it neat and because this vodka is so smooth and earthy, this suggestion is a good one. The thick glass of the bottle helps the vodka chill quickly and perfectly if it's placed in the freezer for a few minutes and serving Zyr chilled straight is another good option. One really cannot go wrong with this vodka in cocktails, either. If you're looking for one of the smoothest Vodka Martinis, Zyr is a great choice and it will enhance any other vodka cocktail, turning it into a spectacular drink.

Tasting Notes:
Zyr holds the aroma of clean, fresh cut grain. The entry is superiorly smooth and leads to a very clean, fresh palate in which the grain background is continued. It finishes short and clean with a ever-so-slight sweetness.

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