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10 Whiskey Cocktails to Try

Explore the world of whiskey cocktails


Have you ever wanted to explore the world of whiskey but not been sure about what kind of cocktail to try? Here is a great list of 10 whiskey cocktails to try the next time you are at a bar or restaurant.

1. Irish Coffee

Irish coffee
Ina Tsitovich/Moment Open/Getty Images

Perfect for a cold winter night or after a good meal, an Irish coffee is simply coffee, irish whiskey, sugar and a touch of whipped cream.

Irish Coffee recipe...

2. Algonquin Cocktail

Algonquin Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

I prefer a light Canadian whisky like Canadian Mist for this drink which also includes pineapple juice and dry vermouth. Surprisingly complex for a three ingredient drink.

Algonquin Cocktail recipe...

3. Jack and Coke

Easy Jack and Coke Mixed Drink
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

From cowboy bars to NASCAR races to trendy restaurants, the Jack and Coke is one of the most popular cocktails in America. Simply Jack Daniels and Coca Cola, the combination is classic Americana in a glass.

4. Manhattan Cocktail

Manhattan Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Traditionally rye whiskey (sometimes bourbon is used), bitters and sweet vermouth, this sophisticated cocktail is a great introduction to the world of whiskey.

Manhattan recipe...

5. Whiskey Sour

Classic Whiskey Sour Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Essentially just whiskey, lemon or lime juice and simple syrup, the tartness of the citrus is a wonderful match to some of the sweet notes in whiskey.

Whiskey Sour recipe...

6. Pickleback

Pickleback Shooter
Jupiterimages / Stockbyte / Getty Images

One shot of Jameson’s Irish whiskey, one shot of pickle juice. Originated by Brooklyn hipsters, the pickleback has become a recent phenomenon in bars and restaurants throughout the country. Surprisingly easy to drink.

Pickleback recipe...

7. Presbyterian

Classic Presbyterian Whiskey Highball Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Choose a light blended whiskey for this cocktail. Simply whiskey, ginger ale, club soda and a lemon twist, this cocktail is light and approachable.

Presbyterian recipe...

8. Seven and Seven

Seven and Seven Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

As ubiquitous as the Jack and Coke, Seagrams 7 Crown whiskey and 7Up is a great choice if you don’t like a strong whiskey flavor in your cocktails.

Seven and Seven recipe...

9. John Collins

John Collins Cocktail
Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

 Imagine a whiskey sour with club soda and you’ve got the John Collins. Unsure of whether to order a Tom Collins or a John Collins at the bar? Specify the liquor and collins and the bartender will understand you (i.e. whiskey collins).

John Collins recipe...

10. Old-fashioned

Classic Old-Fashioned Cocktail
Maximilian Stock Ltd. / Photolibrary / Getty Images

Whiskey, bitters, sugar and a splash of water make this complex cocktail seem much more simple than it is. Experiment with the type of whiskey used in this to see how flexible this drink can be. My personal favorite is a rye old fashioned.

Old-fashioned recipe...

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