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Ultimate Spirits Challenge Irish Whiskey Winners


Earlier in March, an esteemed panel of authors, bartenders, spirits authorities and educators came together at the Astor Center in NYC to review and rate the top spirits in each category across the board. After 3 days and 4 stages of judging on a 100 point scale, winners were announced in each category. Only the top spirit in each category was awarded the Chairman's Trophy. The spirits were tasted blind and no price points were provided, leaving panelists to evaluate the quality of the spirit alone. There were the top scoring Irish whiskies in the event.

More at the Ultimate Beverage Challenge website...

1. Midleton Very Rare 2008 blended Irish whiskey- Chairmans Trophy

As in the name, this rare Irish whiskey from the Midleton distillery took home top honors at this years evaluation.

2. Connemara 12 year old peated Irish whiskey

More like a single malt Scotch than a typical Irish whiskey, Connemara offers a nice smoky nose to go along with a smooth, sweet palate.

3. Bushmills 1608 single malt Irish whiskey

A classic single malt from the Bushmills distillery in Northern Ireland, this single malt features toffee, soft vanilla and dried fruit notes.

4. Redbreast pure pot still Irish whiskey

Apple and pear notes mix with Demerara sugar to make this one of my top picks for 2010.

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