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Bourbon Eggnog

An easy bourbon eggnog recipe to make at home


Maker's Mark Eggnog - Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey

Maker's Mark Eggnog

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Eggnog is a holiday tradition in both the United States and Canada. Usually made with eggs, sugar, spices and sometimes a base alcoholic spirit (traditionally rum or brandy), the cocktail origins of eggnog can be traced all the way back to Professor Jerry Thomas and his recipes. I like to use a good spicy bourbon in my personal eggnog recipe as the flavors of the bourbon match well with the spices to create an interesting dimension of flavor. This recipe is extremely easy to make, delicious and a great way to impress friends and family this holiday season. It will yield eight 4 ounce portions, if you want more just double or even triple the recipe.



  1. In a mixer fitted with a whip attachment or a blender, blend the eggs for 1 minute.
  2. Add sugar and spices and blend for an additional 30 seconds to incorporate.
  3. Slowly add the cognac, bourbon and Grand Marnier, blend another 30 seconds.
  4. Add the milk and cream and blend 1 minute more. Cover and refrigerate.

This recipe is better made a day ahead to allow the flavors to combine.

To serve, portion 4 oz of eggnog in a champagne flute or teacup, grate fresh nutmeg or cinnamon over the top (optional) and serve.

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