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Irish Buck Cocktail Recipe

Whiskey and Ginger Ale Cocktail


Irish Buck Mixed Drink

Irish Buck

Photo Courtesy: © Shannon Graham

Cocktail enthusiasts have been looking to the past for inspiration for some time now. The Buck "cocktail family" is defined by having a base spirit, ginger ale or ginger beer and citrus (generally in the form of a lime squeeze). The Dark and Stormy and Moscow Mule are both classic examples of the Buck family (Mule also being another term used to describe these drinks). With the Bushmills Irish Buck, the sweet and smooth taste of Irish whiskey is paired with the spice notes of ginger and just a touch of acid from the lime squeeze. This cocktail is easy to make at home and any bartender worth his or her salt should also be able to make you a Bushmills Irish Buck without any trouble.



  1. Combine Bushmills and Lime Juice over ice in a Collins glass.
  2. Top with ginger ale or ginger beer.
  3. Garnish with a lime wheel.

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