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Scapa 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Scapa 16 year old  Scotch Whisky

Scapa 16 year old Scotch Whisky

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The Bottom Line

Scapa's 14 year old Scotch has become a favorite over the years because of its affordability and sweet, smooth character. Now, to replace that expression, the distillery has released a slightly older, considerably tastier 16 year old Scotch. This new Scapa shows its extra two years with a velvety palate and is the pride of the 3-man distillery headed by Master Distiller Stuart Pirie. Scapa's 16 year old is a fantastically smooth sipper and worthy (and affordable enough) to be mixed in delicate Scotch cocktails like the Rob Roy and the Affinity.


  • Well-balanced sweet and dry Scotch.
  • A reasonable price for a delightful sipper and divine mixer.
  • May be the best upgrade possible for Scapa's 14 year old.


  • Two extra years equals a few extra dollars - but it's worth it.


  • Single Malt 16 Year Old replaces 14 Year Old expression
  • Scotch whisky from the Orkney Islands in Scotland, fermented for 100 hours, aged for 16 years in new American oak
  • Imported by Pernod Ricard USA
  • Retails for around $75/750ml bottle
  • US release: February 2009
  • Scapa has won a Gold Medal for Best in Class at the 2007 International Wine and Spirits Competition

Guide Review - Scapa 16 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Scapa distillery has been producing Scotch in the Orkney Islands since 1885 and its unique location reflects in the whisky's characteristics. Scapa's Scotches have a mixed profile of the sweet Speyside-styled malts and a touch of brine from the sea-side Islay malt profiles. This natural specialized malt whiskey is slow fermented for around 100 hours, takes a trip through two stills - one of which is a rare Lomond pot-still - then is aged in new American oak casks.

The Scapa 16YO is on the price brink of being mixable, but its unique profile certainly makes it cocktail worthy. Many people are not going to throw a shot of $75 Scotch into a mixed drink, but, in the Scotch world that is not a lot of money, so if you are willing, the experience is worth it. I do like to keep this one in reserve for the very neat drinks with equal quality mixers like those mentioned above and the Rusty Nail.

Tasting Notes:
Scapa 16 year old has a sweet, rich, yet mellow malt fragrance that follows into the palate where it mixes with a velvety, slightly bitter peat, floral citrus and overall brighter profile than many Scotches. The finish is long, dry and lean, which is considerably darker, peatier, oakier than the main palate.

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