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Playboy Club London's American Vintage Whiskies


Playboy Club London's American Vintage Whiskies

The oldest bottle of rye whiskey in existence. Distilled 1890, bottled 1906. Playboy Club, London

Lance J. Mayhew
Updated February 26, 2014

The newly opened Playboy Club in London has an exclusive cocktail bar, Salvatore's at Playboy, run by world renowned cocktail maestro Salvatore Calabrese. Featuring exquisite cocktails and vintage spirits, the American Vintage Whiskey list at the club is small, but extremely rare.

A 50ml pour of Old Taylor Kentucky Bourbon circa 1940 is listed at 225 British pounds. Old Taylor is currently a brand owned by the Sazerac Company, having recently acquired it from Jim Beam. However, the original Old Taylor distillery (where this would have been made, production was ceased at the distillery in 1972) was distilled in a limestone castle in Glenn's Creek Kentucky just south of Frankfort. The original distillery is mostly in ruins now, with just the brand name keeping the name Old Taylor going. Sipping this bourbon will be a true walk through history for a whiskey enthusiast.

For 50ml of 1913 McBrayer Kentucky Bourbon, be prepared to shell out 550 British pounds for a sip of this classic Pre-prohibition whiskey. This is reputed to be a very high corn content bourbon (speculation puts the mashbill at 88% corn and 6% each of rye and malted barley) which would have reduced distilling yields making this one of the true craft whiskies of its time.

Either one of these whiskies would be a truly special experience and something to savor while visiting one of the most exclusive clubs in the world. Few bars are able to offer anything close to the American Vintage Whiskey list at Salvatore's at Playboy and for the privileged few, it will definitely be once in a lifetime experience.


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