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Crown Royal Canadian Whisky

An Iconic Canadian Whisky Brand

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Crown Royal is one of the best selling, and most beloved brands of whisky in the world. Crown Royal devotees are an extremely brand loyal group, and as such, make Crown an essential part of any complete bar, whether at home or in a restaurant or tavern. Once you taste Crown Royal, it becomes clear why this easy drinking and satisfying Canadian whisky is one of the top selling whisky brands in the world.


On the nose, Crown Royal features light vanilla and caramel notes. There is no alcoholic burn as many whiskies have, instead, Crown Royal offers a gentle and elegant bouquet with undertones of pound cake and lemon zest. With a splash of cool water, chocolate and dark fruit notes begin to emerge.

Body and Palate

Crown Royal whisky is a medium bodied whisky, with enough mouthfeel to be enjoyed on its own but also light enough for mixing. On the palate, a slight sherried sweetness is in evidence, with vanilla, caramel, brown sugar and a nice oakiness to round out the flavor profile before a hint of rye spiciness passes over the palate . If you enjoy a smooth, sipping whisky with just the right amount of bite, Crown Royal delivers. Crown is an elegant Canadian whisky and its readily apparent why Crown drinkers are such a devoted group.


On the finish, Crown Royal offers a surprisingly long finish with subtle hints of spice, chocolate and toasted oak.

Overall, Crown Royal is a classic Canadian whisky and comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a smooth, classic Canadian whisky.

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