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Dewars Blended Scotch Whisky

A Classic Blended Scotch Whisky

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Dewars Blended Scotch Whisky
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Dewars White Label blended Scotch whisky is one of the top selling blended whiskies in the world. Once you taste Dewars, it is easy to see why. Not only is Dewars mild, sweet and easy drinking, without a big smoke component that drives many drinkers away from Scotch whisky, but it also mixes exceptionally well. From a Scotch and soda to an elegant Blood and Sand Cocktail, Dewars is versatile, attractively priced and a great introduction into the world of blended Scotch whisky.


On the nose, Dewars White Label offers up a gentle bouquet of ripe pears, warm butterscotch, oak and just the slightest hint of smoke. A touch of Scottish heather looms in the background, but overall this is a light, fruity bouquet.

Body and Palate

Dewars White Label is delicate on the tongue. It is not meant to be a mouthcoating monster of a Scotch whisky, instead, Dewars White Label dances nimbly across the palate, offering quick pinpricks of light malt sugar, pears, Madagascar vanilla, honey and a whisper of peat smoke.


On the finish, Dewars White Label offers a relatively quick finish that is predominately vanilla and honey. A longer finish would make this a far less versatile blended Scotch. As it is, the quick finish offers just enough sweet notes to satisfy those who drink it neat or on the rocks, while the lack of a long, lingering finish means that it blends into cocktails exceptionally well without throwing the balance of a drink off.

As it is, Dewars White Label is one of the best selling blended Scotches in the world for a pretty simple reason. It is quite good and can be one of the most versatile whiskies in your liquor cabinet. If you are looking for just one Scotch to keep in your liquor cabinet, Dewars would be the perfect choice.

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 3 out of 5
For a year or so., Member krodc187

I've been drinking dewars whithe label for a year or so now and have not looked back i drank jack daniels for so long i could break a glass every day for 6 months and still have jack glasses i was looking for something different i couldn't stand the flavor of jack alone or on the rocks and did not want to mix with pop any more i first tried jameson and that was great but at my uncle's house i ran out of jameson and was looking for whiskey to drink and he gave me dewars and since then i've been hooked it is my go to drink since it is carried in almost every bar i've been to so far i will be the first to admit it isn't the best scotch out there but it beats a lot of them hands down (johnny walker) I""drank much better but for price range and where i""m at in my finanical life this is the best i""ve ever had so far

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