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Maker's Mark Bourbon Whiskey Review

A Wheated Bourbon Whiskey from the Heart of Kentucky

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Maker's Mark
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Maker's Mark Bourbon whiskey is one of America's most iconic brands. Famous for its red wax dipped bottles and sweet flavor profile, Maker's Mark for many years was also known for producing just one style of whiskey (it recently introduced a second extension to its line, the brilliant Makers Mark 46). Eschewing rye in the mashbill for wheat, the soft, rich sweetness of Maker's Mark has made it one of the most popular bourbons in the world. Whether you taste Maker's Mark at the Maker's visitors center in Loretto, Kentucky or your local restaurant, you'll always remember your first taste of Maker's.


On the nose, Maker's Mark offer up warm aromas of rich soft caramels, a touch of Missouri oak and vanilla bundt cake. Hints of honey and just a touch of frutiness are detectable as well. Perhaps apple pie? And there is just the slightest hint of cedar shingle hidden below.

Body and Palate

If any bourbon has the perfect mouthfeel, Maker's Mark is it. This is a light sweet whiskey that caresses and teases the palate. Too thin and this whiskey would feel watery, too full bodied and it would lose its elegance. Maker's Mark has the perfect body for the flavor profile it offers.

On the palate, Maker's offers a sure solution to anyone suffering from a sweet-tooth. Creme brulee dominates, with huge caramel and vanilla notes on the forefront before giving way to soft notes of burnt sugar and molasses at the end.


On the finish, Maker's offers more warm notes of fresh baked molasses cookies, apple pie spice, vanilla and caramel. The finish is a bit of a tease, ending quicker than you'd like but tempting you with the smorgasbord of flavors that dance over the palate.

If you haven't tried Maker's Mark, you're missing out on one of the finest and most iconic bourbons in the world. Maker's is a classic wheated bourbon and one every bourbon enthusiast should be familiar with.

Maker's Mark Cocktails

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