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Woodinville Whiskey Co. Headlong White Dog Whiskey Review

Exceptional White Dog

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White dog, or unaged whiskey, is becoming a popular category in the United States. One of the best is Woodinville Whiskey Company's Headlong White Dog whiskey. 100% organic, non-chill filtered and made from a classic bourbon mashbill of corn, wheat and malted barley, this is an impressive debut from one of the most exciting distillers in the Pacific Northwest.


On the nose, Woodinville Headlong has a sweet, fruity aroma redolent of ripe summer peaches. Icing sugar, freshly baked pastry and peach jam notes emerge as the whiskey begins to open up with exposure to air.

Body and Palate

Headlong white dog features a light mouthfeel typical of white dog whiskies. Whiskies become thicker as evaporation occurs during barrel maturation, known as the "angel's share". White dog whiskies do not mature in barrel so their light mouthfeel is appropriate for this style of whiskey.

On the palate, Headlong delivers a delicious banquet of flavors. There isn't a strong alcoholic burn as most white dog whiskies have, perhaps the result of being bottled at 80 proof. Grain notes predominate, with corn, barley and wheat notes all being discernable. Additionally, exceptional fruit notes about with nectarine and fuji apple being most apparent. This is a light, fruity whiskey with enjoyable grain notes, a white dog with true complexity.


On the finish, a nice spiciness appears reminiscent of Szechuan peppercorns, before lifting to reveal final nutty flavors. Fresh roasted hazelnuts and pecans intermingle with ethereal grain notes before finally clearing the palate.

Overall, Woodinville Whiskey Co. has hit another home run with their Headlong white dog whiskey. This is perhaps the most complex and best of the white dog whiskies on the market and destined to be a favorite of both mixologists and home consumers. Headlong makes a great addition to anyone's whiskey collection and as it is a bourbon mash recipe, comparing it as an unaged product versus a matured bourbon will be an interesting project for discerning whiskey drinkers. Pick up a bottle or two and enjoy this example of what white dog whiskies can be.

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