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Michael Collins Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Another hit from the "Big Guy"

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Michael Collins single malt Irish whiskey is a 3rd party brand produced at the Cooley distillery in the Republic of Ireland. Like many of Cooley's whiskies, Michael Collins single malt is an outstanding example of a great Irish whiskey.


On the nose, Michael Collins single malt displays aromas of sweet, candied orange peel, Madagascar vanilla bean, and fresh baked scones. Just the slightest hint of smoke is detectable in the glass, the smoke is definitely a subtle background note and one easily missed at that.

Body and Palate

Michael Collins single malt is a medium bodied whiskey, there is enough there to lightly coat the mouth, but it doesn't stray into syrupy territory. On the palate, lovely flavors of milk chocolate, vanilla shortbread, orange marmalade and a hint of smoke appear.


Michael Collins has a surprisingly long finish for an Irish whiskey, with a lingering smokiness, more chocolate notes and an undercurrent of freshly picked mint leaves. This is one of the more enjoyable Irish single malts on the market right now and it is definitely one to seek out.

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