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Jim Beam Bourbon Distillers Series Bourbon 2008

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Jim Beam Bourbon Distillers Series Bourbon 2008

Jim Beam Bourbon Distillers Series Bourbon 2008

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The Bottom Line

There's little doubt that the name Jim Beam has, is and will always be associated bourbon. The label, no matter what color it is, is distinctive and is a mark that says "you know what you're going to get" and this icon of America's Native Spirit is not stopping. In December of 2008 the distillery released a limited edition bottling, "The Distillers Series," which is said to be available through January of 2009 but I'm sure a few bottles will linger and if you're a Beam fan and find one you'll definitely want to grab it.


  • Smooth, oaky bourbon for sipping or mixing
  • Follows the signature Jim Beam characteristics


  • Limited Edition


  • Jim Beam Bourbon aged 7 years in signature, limited edition bottle
  • Produced by Jim Beam Distillery
  • 45% alc/volume (90 proof)
  • Retails for around $21/750ml bottle
  • Released in December 2008 - Available through January 2009

Guide Review - Jim Beam Bourbon Distillers Series Bourbon 2008

What makes The Distillers Series so special? A few things, including the price, the age, the label and the story it tells. The white label Jim Beam you find everywhere is a great budget bourbon and my favorite at the price point - one you can trust - and the Black label is smooth with twice the age and about $10 more. Split those two and you have The Distillers Series: the mid-range cost, the ultimate smoothness of 7 years in the barrel and the signature richness the brand is known for. For this limited time that it is available the upgrade from White to Distillers is worth it and the downgrade from Black to Distillers is not a let down in the least. It's an enjoyable sipper, a fantastic Highball and an overall wonderful bourbon experience that is, sadly, a passing one.

The special historical aspect of this particular bottle is a nice tribute to the generations of Beams who have been bringing us bourbon for over 200 years. The portraits have more detail than the regular bottlings and tell the 7 generation's stories from Jacob Beam who released Old Jake Beam Sour Mash in 1795, to the Jim Beam, to Booker Noe who was responsible for The Small Batch Collection, straight through to the current distiller, Fred Noe.

Tasting Notes:
This bourbon has a distinct nose of burnt oak and sweet grains. The palate is amazingly smooth, marked with honey, vanilla and more oak and the finish is toasty, mellow and delightfully long.

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