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Canadian Club 30 Year Old Reserve Whisky

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Canadian Club 30 Year Old Reserve Canadian Whisky

Canadian Club 30 Year Old Reserve Canadian Whisky

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The Bottom Line

Canadian whisky has rarely been better than Canadian Club's 30 year old. This limited edition expression was released late in 2008 to celebrate Canadian Club's 150th year of distilling their popular whisky and it is a superb example of what Canadian whisky can be when treated with a little extra care and aging. Fantastically smooth and full of oak character, this Canadian whisky is not one to hide in a cocktail and is certainly one you'll want to get a taste of before it's gone. There are only 15,000 bottles available and while they're expected to last through the winter they'll probably go fast.


  • Super smooth Canadian whisky with elegant oak character.
  • A fine bottling for the distillery to celebrate their 150th anniversary.
  • A Canadian whisky you can sip that surpasses others by far.


  • At $199 it's not in everyone's price range.
  • Available in a limited release.


  • Canadian whisky blended before aging for 30 years.
  • Released in 2008 to celebrate Canadian Club's 150th anniversary.
  • Distilled in Walkerville, Ontario, Canada
  • Imported and bottled by Canadian Club Import Company
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
  • Retails for $199/750ml bottle

Guide Review - Canadian Club 30 Year Old Reserve Whisky

I was very excited to receive #52 of the 150 numbered bottles from the first 200 produced of this limited edition and with the first sip I knew it was worth the wait. Canadian Club has definitely outdone themselves with this anniversary expression, which surpasses the oldest of the distillery's regular line by 18 years and by far is the smoothest Canadian whisky I've had to date.

There is not a lot to say about Canadian Club's 30 Year Old Reserve Whisky other than it is simply spectacular. It's a whisky that any aficionado of the dark spirit will enjoy as it embodies the perfect ideal of the blended varieties. It is exceptionally smooth with a lush oak character and velvet texture, making it a superior sipping whisky and one, which if you've steered clear of Canadian whiskies, will bring you back into the fold.

I haven't ventured beyond sipping this whisky with the exception of trying it in the signature cocktail created for Movember, a Canadian Club charity event - it's too good of a sipper for the average whiskey cocktail. However, The Burgundy is a great drink and is made of 1 1/2 parts whisky, 4 parts ginger ale and a splash of cranberry juice served over ice in an old-fashioned glass.

Tasting Notes:
Opens with a rich, sweet and oaky nose with hints of cinnamon and spice. Superiorly smooth entry that leads to a sultry palate of molasses, caramel, with hints of smoky oak and sunny cinnamon. The finish retains that smoothness with a velvety lusciousness that hangs around and is holds hints of spices and more luscious caramel.

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