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Jameson Irish Whiskey

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Jameson Irish Whiskey
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The Bottom Line

There are a few Irish whiskies that almost immediately come to mind and Jameson Irish Whiskey is one of them. This is a brand that you can rely on being there, where ever that may be, one that you know won't cost a fortune and one that tastes pretty good with its full flavor and smooth character. Jameson is reliable and it's a good Irish whiskey for an any day sipper or every day stock for the bar.

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  • Reliable, popular Irish whiskey that can be found almost anywhere.
  • Flavorful, smooth character that is ideal for mixed drinks.
  • An Irish Coffee Irish whiskey.
  • Good whiskey for a great price.
  • If you like the Pickleback, there is no substitute for Jameson.


  • The whiskey flavor may be too robust for some tastes.


  • Triple distilled, blended Irish whiskey from barley in copper pot still
  • Aged in sherry butts, bourbon barrels and port pipes.
  • Produced by John Jameson & Son in Midleton Single Distillery, County Cork, Ireland
  • 40% alc/volume (80 proof)
  • Retails for around $20/750ml bottle
  • Jameson also produces a far more expensive bottling called the 'Rare Vintage'... Read the review

Guide Review - Jameson Irish Whiskey

1770’s with a dream to break into the booming whiskey business. At that time Dublin was known for some of the best whiskey in Ireland and Jameson furthered this belief by refusing to cut corners on quality products. He built the brand from the ground up, selecting the best barley and casks and keeping the entire operation in a single distillery so that quality could be ensured. The result of years of this work have established the brand’s philosophy to this day and it continues, not in the Old Jameson Distillery, but in the newer Midleton Single Distillery nearby.

Jameson’s profile reflects its blending techniques of whiskies aged in various casks including sherry, bourbon and port and it is these woods that impart the complexity of the whiskey. This makes it a delightful sipper for the robust whiskey connoisseur and a pleasant cocktail ingredient. Irish Coffee has a wonderful whiskey base, the Leprechaun and Jameson and Ginger become complex, and the creamier Irish Eyes has depth when Jameson is employed. It is, however, not as smooth as some other Irish whiskey, but for the price, reliability and versatility that difference is minimal and relatively insignificant.

Tasting Notes:
Jameson holds a sweet fragrance of malted barley with butter tones and subtle oak. The palate is marked by the same, with the grain turning darker and more apparent and notes of spicy nut mixing in and out. It finishes with honey and spicy, smoky snaps of barley that work through the long fade.

Jameson Irish Whiskey Cocktails:


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