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Best Colorado Whiskies 2011


Colorado is an excting state for whiskey enthusiasts. Pioneering the surge in whiskey production in Colorado is the iconic Stranahan's Colorado whiskey along with the venerable Leopold Brothers. Relative newcomers like Colorado Gold, Peach Street Distillers and Breckenridge Distillery have cemented Colorado's reputation as one of the most up and coming places for craft distilling and good whiskey. Here is a quick guide to the best of the best. 

1. Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

One of the finest whiskies in the world, Stranahan's was possibly the first craft whiskey to show that artisan distillers could make world class whiskies at an affordable price point. Located in Denver, this small batch whiskey maker offers tours to the general public and focuses its efforts on producing a unique whiskey that could only be made in Colorado.

2. Leopold Bros.

Leopold Bros.

Leopold Bros. is one of the oldest craft distillers in Colorado. Located in Denver, this artisan distillery produces a wide range of top flight distilled spirits, but their whiskies are of particular reknown. Purists will appreciate their American Small Batch Whiskey, while those with a more adventurous palate will enjoy offerings such as Rocky Mountain Blackberry and Georgia Peach whiskies. Leopold Bros. whiskies are fantastic both sipped on their own or mixed into intriguing cocktails.

3. Breckenridge Distillery

Who knew great bourbon could be made in the Rocky Mountains? The folks at Breckenridge Distillery figured this out and now Breckenridge Colorado is quickly becoming as famous for its bourbon as it is for its skiing. Claiming to be the "World's Highest Distillery", Breckenridge has the advantage of using the purest natural water from the Rockies and sweet corn from Colorado farm country. Make sure to visit during your next ski trip and pick up a bottle soon.

4. Peach Street Distillers

Located in Palisade Colorado, the "Heart of Colorado Wine Country", Peach Street Distillers offers visitors to this part of Colorado a chance to pick up some exceptional spirits at an affordable price. Peach Street was the first distiller in Colorado to produce bourbon. Using local ingredients including Colorado's famed sweet corn of the Olathe, this bourbon is in short supply but worth hunting down. Someday soon, Palisade may have to change its slogan to the "Heart of Colorado Bourbon Country". 

5. Colorado Gold Distillery

In a bucolic little Colorado town with a population barely surpassing 2,000, Colorado Gold Distillery is producing some good whiskies, most notably their Colorado's Own Corn whiskey. Corn whiskies can be quite good and the awards that Colorado Gold has one make theirs one of the best. Come to Cedaredge Colorado for good whiskey, the Little Britches Rodeo or Applefest and enjoy a slice of Americana not found anywhere else. 

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