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Reader Submissions: Brandy Cocktail Contest: January, 2013


January 2013: Brandy Cocktails
Deadline: Sunday, January 27, 2013

The theme for the January 2013 cocktail contest is brandy cocktails. Your recipe must include brandy, Cognac, Armagnac, or a flavored brandy. If a particular brand significantly affects the cocktail's flavor, please specify. Keep in mind that the drink does have to be original.

If you have created a brandy cocktail that you think could grab our panel's attention, submit it. The winning drink will be featured in a spotlight on About.com Cocktails and placed permanently in the cocktail collection.

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The Results:

The winning cocktail is Leviathan No.2. View the full contest results.

Leviathan No. 2 Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

Twist on a classic cocktail by legendary Czechoslovakian bartender Rudolf Slavik, originally made with Cognac in 1934. who worked at Parisian hotel George V and bartender who helped to save humans l…More

Mooie Dame Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

*Firstly the name of the cocktail means 'beautiful lady' in Dutch. I chose to name my drink in Dutch cause the name brandy itself has originated from a Dutch name 'bran vijn' meaning 'burnt wine'. Th…More

Black Diamond Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

I was at the bar show in las vegas last year and met a gentleman who works for moet-hennessy and they were interested in creating drinks with hennessy that would appeal to the female demographic. So …More

Chilly Cooler Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

In this cocktail there is everything i.e spice, refresher/cooler,acidity,bitterness, sweetness, and a digestive. All this makes my cocktail a special one and which inspired me a lot ..cheers try that…More

Winter Spice Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

I love a good egg nog and brandy in the cold of winter. I decided to put my own little spin on one of my favorites. The apple brandy plays a really nice role in the cocktail pairing well with the gin…More

Sparklin Snowbird Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

I love succulent Honeybell oranges this time of the year and I also love sparkling wine, Maple syrup and Calvados! Most of my friends from Vermont head south for the winter - we call them snowbirds- …More

Pisco Royale Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

Before inventing this cocktail I was inspired by the Spaniards who brought the first grapevines to Peru shortly after its conquest by Spain. I did this cocktail in regional competition here in Cheshi…More

Hazerac Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

I have been in the bar business for over 18 yrs and just met a customer who has become a great friend. now this gentleman loves original cocktails and he actually taught me how to make the sasarac wh…More

Staycation Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

Work was a drag, and I was trying to save some cash, so I decided to spend a Friday night drinking at home. Beer wasn't going to cut it, and I was tired of the same-old. My wife wanted a fruity drink…More

Brandy Mannier Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

Coat the brown sugar at the rim of a balloon [snifter] glass.In a cocktail shaker, add your one spoon superfine caned brown sugaradd the 1/2 oz Grand Marnieradd the 2/2 oz Blackurrant Brandyadd the 6…More

Wisconsin Brandy Old-fashioned Cocktail Recipe - Brandy Cocktail Contest

In Wisconsin, my native state, it's all about Brandy, the top consuming state in the country, where this classic cocktail is thusly based. Wasn't until I moved did I realize that Brandy is not the u…More

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