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Yakuza Cocktail Recipe - Gin Cocktail Contest

Submit an Entry: Gin Cocktail Contest: November, 2011

By mahastew

Yakuza Cocktail Recipe - Gin Cocktail Contest

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Stew Ellington

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Shake the first five ingredients and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with the drop of Swedish bitters.

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A friend is writing a thriller novel that has to do with the Yakuza and suggested I come up with an original cocktail to include in the book. I did! I had been trying for a while to come up a good cocktail that includes Swedish bitters, which is hard to do, given their strong taste of camphor. I feel successful with this one.

Tips and Tricks

  • I prefer to use Mata Hari absinthe in my cocktails; the mild presence of pastis makes it a great mixer. Take great care to ensure you use only one drop of the Swedish bitters; a little goes a long way. A good method is to dip a toothpick or garnish pick into the bottle to pick up just a drop.

Colleen Graham, About.com Cocktails, says:

Editor's Note: This recipe was chosen as a finalist for this contest. View the full results of the contest here.

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