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OMG Cocktail Recipe - Grapefruit Cocktail Contest

Submit an Entry: Grapefruit Contest: May and June, 2011

By Paul M

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Paul M

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Build all over ice in a tall collins glass! Enjoy the summer!

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Social Media, texting! OMG! WTF! ETC!!! Like drinks that have letters that represent the ingredients in the drink! Especially if they mimic a popular saying or slogan such as we all use in texting, emailing, twittering and writing on friends' and other people's walls!

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  • This is a twist on the CALIFORNIAN which is equal parts of orange and grapefruit juices w/ Vodka! I added an Asian twist with the Midori and the orange flavor comes from the Bacardi "O"! If you like grapefruit drinks you will love this! It has that familiar grapefruit taste which can be a bit tart and tinny! Very refreshing for the summer!

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