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Reader Stories: Halloween Cocktail Contest: October, 2012


October 2012: Halloween Cocktails
Deadline: Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The theme for the October 2012 cocktail contest is Halloween cocktails. Your recipe needs to fit the theme of Halloween. It can include any distilled spirits or be non-alcoholic. Keep in mind that the drink does have to be original.

Important Note: Due to the theme, this contest is going to require that you submit a photo of the drink. The best Halloween cocktails are 75% taste, 20% visual, and 5% creative name. Use your imagination, come up with a creative looking, great tasting drink and don't forget about the garnish (though not required, the garnish can often define a drink as Halloween-worthy). Also note, you will not be judged on the quality of the photo itself, it is simply to give us a visual idea of your interpretation of the drink's appearance.

If you have created a Halloween cocktail that you think could grab our panel's attention, submit it. The winning drink will be featured in a spotlight on About.com Cocktails and placed permanently in the cocktail collection.

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The Results:

The winning cocktail is Skeleton Key. View the full contest results here.

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