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Poison Punch Cocktail Recipe

Share Your Story: Halloween Cocktail Contest: October, 2012

By KMKCreatives

Poison Punch Cocktail Recipe

A deliciously spooky punch.

Cocktail Name

Poison Punch

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This punch can be made a couple days ahead of time, in fact, it's much better when prepared ahead. Mix your wine, sugar, juices, and liqueurs together, stir until the sugar dissolves. Add your fruit and refrigerate for at least five hours. When serving put some shaved dry ice in the bottom of a glass, and serve with club soda and a dash of sprite

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What would Halloween be without Poison Cocktail? It's blood red and we love using dry ice around this holiday. It's a great talking piece for guests and it takes the smoking cauldron on the buffet table to a whole new level.

Tips and Tricks

  • Remember to use FOOD GRADE DRY ICE TABS, never cubes or large chunks. You want to create the smoking effect but don't want to guests to be able to get a chunk in their mouth. Dry ice is VERY COLD and will burn. Using the food grade dry ice allows it to melt very quickly and smoke without any hazards in the glass. Use either shaved dry ice or pellets. Do not mix regular ice with dry ice to avoid any confusion. Oh, and using a glass marked poison? Well, that's just fun. Happy Halloween!

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