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Skeleton Key Cocktail Recipe - Halloween Cocktail Contest

Share Your Story: Halloween Cocktail Contest: October, 2012

By Travis Fourmont

Skeleton Key Cocktail Recipe - Halloween Cocktail Contest

Skeleton Key

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Travis Fourmont

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Skeleton Key

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I am head bartender of Michael Symon’s Roast in Detroit and this is one of our most popular cocktails. Certainly, the name Skeleton Key was the first thing that popped into my head when considering a Halloween themed cocktail. In addition to the name, this cocktail has a very aggressive taste at the beginning because of the bitters and then finishes extremely balanced with a soft finished. The bitters, have a dark fall spice, is a perfect fit of Halloween!


Tips and Tricks

  • All ingredients poured over ice in a Collins glass
  • Garnished with a heavy portion of Angostura Bitters (About 8 dashes floating on top)
  • Try drinking without straw to get the full effect from the bitters

Colleen Graham, About.com Cocktails, says:

Editor's Note: This recipe was chosen as the winning recipe for this contest. Read more about the results here...

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